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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Communication Technology...!!!

Communication is one of the Advanced Technology that makes me communicate with the world through this Blog entry. That's the reason why i choose to write about Communication Technology and I am too communication engineer. Communication is the Basic method of being in Link and Information sharing. There wide categories in communication technology. Some of them are:

  • Mobile Communication,

  • Satellite Communication,

  • Wireless Communication,

  • Wired Communication,

  • Aerospace Communication,

  • Short-Wave Communication,

  • Long-Wave Communication,

  • Network Communication,

  • Telephone Communication and So on...!!!

The Basic Application of Communication is to Share information from One end to the other. This Communication is Effectively possible with help of the sender and receiver. The factors that determine effective communication are: Sender, Receiver, Medium of Communication & Information. Information is the precise data, to be carried to the receiver from the Sender. As per communication theory, the Precise data can be accessed only by the specific receiver that could addressed by the Sender. This Precise data can also be accessed by Specially equiped persons called Hackers. This Disadvantage of Communication was overcome by a special scheme called Security. This Scheme of Communcation technology sends the precise data to the exact Receiver in highly Secured way. This Security Scheme involves Cryptography Techniques for the Secured delivery of high precise data. I will publish more information regarding this.

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