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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hope this is a Solution for the PC under Attack ! ! !

Hi Friends,
I severely warn those who spread the Virus. Nowadays Trojan Downloader, may Trojan Clients has been developed and spread through Thumb Drive. Believe me i have a Great Solution for it. If you do what i say, your computer will live long. Here's the solution: ComboFix and Avira Free Edition. ComboFix is a Freeware but Some antivirus says that it was a Malware, but anyway it never let you down. Its an one time executable program, that takes around 5-10mins to scan your Drive and Delete all the Root Virus Files in Windows Folder. But Viruses at each folder will present which will be inactive that can be cleared using Avira Free Edition. While i was trying it for Heavily infected Computers, the Windows OS may not boot well once the Virus has been cleared, so that then can Recover OS using Windows Bootable Disc. This is the only Demerit of this ComboFix. Really ComboFix all the root files that have been affected. This even works for All Laptops and Desktops. Make Comments, once you try these Softwares.

Click to Download COmbofix
Avira Free edition can be downloaded from Download.com


  1. found it very useful. works me good..also add something reg cure 4 autorun.inf virus


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