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Monday, April 27, 2009

Google Trends for Learning new Trends !

I fond of Google Search and this is the New product of Google. Google Trends - Let you learn new trends from the top most search queries. Believe it or not this product is really helpful for Internet based Jobs and Specifically Blogging Business. Also it let you search your query and shows how far the same query search has been done before. This query is graphically shown with "Search Volume Index against PDT(Pacific Daylight Time)", So Google Search usage for specific query could be understood from this.

The Above image shows the query page of my search on "Rapid share". Also this query page includes specification on Region, City and Language wise visits. Unlike Google Search, Google Trends let you know the Search Volume Index ie., Strength of your search in Google. Try to have your query in Google Trends. Have a Great Day..

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  1. I tried this.. Works good for my query..

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