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Thursday, May 14, 2009

LED has a Bright Future or It makes the Future Bright ?!

LED known to be Light Emitting Diode. Its a Device capable of emitting light, that posses the properties of diode. i have chosen this title as i have read an article in one of my electronics magazine. LED's were given much importance nowadays due to its small size with extremely high emission with extremely low power usage. Hope everyone know that even 1.5V is much higher for an LED to emit a good spread of light.

LED contributes itself to various applications from Traffic lights, Seven segment displays to HD Digital Displays. Lifetime of LED was also high due to its manufacturing materials. In past days, an White LED is commonly used and for exhibiting colors, the plastic mount is pigmented to the color it has to emit. But nowadays with the outcome of R&D, alternation in chemical composition makes the LED glow in different colors.

Also i got a confusion in choosing the title. So i included both the Titles for this post. But Actually both are true statments. Believe it or not LED will have bright future which will also makes our Future Bright.

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