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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soon MindReaders will occupy our pockets

I am sure i didn't misspell CardReader Device, Its a MindReader Device. A company from Australia, Emotiv has designed this mindreader with the attitude to help people with disabilities. Looks like a HeadSet but it has 16Sensors aligned in different positions.
These Sensors were ment to capture Electro-EncephaloGram(EEG) signals from Human Brain. These sensors measures the emotions from EEG signals and works accordingly. This product helps to measure the deep emotions and directs the interconnected devices to work accordingly. The applications of these reader are in controlling of WheelChairs, Gaming, etc.
These MindReaders are going to Hit the markets soon after obtaining Patent approval in the field of Neural Processing Technology, that makes the communication between the Human Brain and Computers possible. This Industry avoides liscencing to other companies and instead it tries to release its own Softwares and patch services by itself. This Device is made such that to meet its compatible with any machines and computers. In reviews it was said that these devices were compatible with Windows Operating Systems. This Reader devices will be available with affordable costs, sources said.

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