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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Delta Force : Xtreme - A WarFull Game

Recently i tried DeltaForce : Xtreme. It was really great to Play. Can make you feel the Combat Environment around you. With extreme effects within, Woofers and Joysticks make me act as one of the Comrade. But with my Computer(Intel p4), I experienced a slow loading. Core 2 Duo processors can fullfill the requirements of this game. Black Hawk Down and Team Sabre too have fine maps and missions tacticals. These games are available in Torrent search engines. Try to Grab it and Enjoy the Game.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Motion Sensors for Motion Gaming…!!!

I recently came across some Advertisements on Motion Gaming in Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones. I am really surprised about how these motion gaming works. Then after a long search through web, I found a Chip that is capable of sensing motion on an object.


The above box like picture is not an Actual box but an Integrated Circuit of size 3x5x0.9mm dimension. So the actual size of this Chip is less than a 10Cents Coin. I hope you all could realize it. This Chip detects up-to 6 Positions or 3 Orthogonal Directions. This Chip was manufactured by STMicroelectronics. The datasheet of this IC is in this link.


Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone F305 introduces Motion Gaming. Although this is a new technology for consumers, Its become an usual complaint that these Motion Gaming Consumes more battery power. So, the Battery power stay’s less in the Mobile Phone. Hope the company will find a Good solution for this problem too. I am happy to share this information with all of my friends. Have a Great day...

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