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Monday, May 25, 2009

PC Show in Singapore

The Most expected Singapore PC Show is on the edge. From June 11th to 14th, the show is going to glitter with lots and lots of Gadgets, PC's, many more. This Show is organized by "LINES EXPOSITION & MANAGEMENT SERVICES PTE LTD". This organization has served for almost 30years in successful trade shows. I expect almost half a singapore to fill the SunTec hall for four days of venue. More than 600 Exhibitors are expected in the PC Show, a news from Official website.

Pulling back this recession period, Hope these type of shows would bring back the market sustained. The Official PC show website provides a space for the Exhibitors regarding their Profiles and various accessments they need to look. This show is going to cover the sales of Computer Hardwares, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, MP3 players, Gaming equipments and lots more Gadgets.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

LED TV - A new phase for LED !

Samsung unveils the next phase of Light Emitting Diode (LED) use in Televisions with brand name LED TV. Basically this television uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology which is based on LED. DLP projectors trademark was owned by Texas Instruments and with its help, this product was made. DLP arrives in Single to Three chip facilities depending upon the power of projection. With the use of DLP, small and comparably high power projectors were designed for the use of mobile phones and laptops.

LED with LEAD and Mercury free package makes the most environmental friendly television ever made. With Energy Star badge, this television assures to save power up to 40% less comparing to LCD Television of this time. The cost sounds quit higher but comparatively, saves the power. Like the pledge of other companies, Samsung too announces "Go Green" pledge for this television. The pledge best suits this product. Visit Wikipedia and Google it for more details. Seems this is the new phase of LED usage.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Face for Web-browser, Opera

The New Face represents both, New Version of Opera as well as Face recognition. Opera 10 comes with Face Gestures Technology, that let us browse with our Face Movements. This technology primarily operates with Face Observation Opera Language designed my a special team. Like senors detecting emotions, this observes the User's Facial expressions with a Web-cam and commands the Browser accordingly. Since this facility just makes use of available Web-cam, Opera has a Greater chances to give new exposure to its End-Users. More specifically, this Opera Face Gestures maintain 45 controls to Browse the web-pages. The New Face of Opera has also got a new name as Opera Turbo. Don't miss to try your own copy. This Product is yet to reach the Market.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soon MindReaders will occupy our pockets

I am sure i didn't misspell CardReader Device, Its a MindReader Device. A company from Australia, Emotiv has designed this mindreader with the attitude to help people with disabilities. Looks like a HeadSet but it has 16Sensors aligned in different positions.
These Sensors were ment to capture Electro-EncephaloGram(EEG) signals from Human Brain. These sensors measures the emotions from EEG signals and works accordingly. This product helps to measure the deep emotions and directs the interconnected devices to work accordingly. The applications of these reader are in controlling of WheelChairs, Gaming, etc.
These MindReaders are going to Hit the markets soon after obtaining Patent approval in the field of Neural Processing Technology, that makes the communication between the Human Brain and Computers possible. This Industry avoides liscencing to other companies and instead it tries to release its own Softwares and patch services by itself. This Device is made such that to meet its compatible with any machines and computers. In reviews it was said that these devices were compatible with Windows Operating Systems. This Reader devices will be available with affordable costs, sources said.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am the Most Wanted in Need For Speed !

Recently i am the Most wanted in Need For Speed. Yes, I'm speaking about the Game "Need For Speed : Most Wanted". I played this game recently in my PC and with my special interest i was able to cover 5 BlackList Members in just 10hrs. The Game was really mind blowing. Like the Movie "The Fast and The Furious", It has got some missions to complete.

The Police chase is one of the best design i have ever seen. The City designed for the Game is quiet large and every race happens within the city or around. The Missions in the game move on to just a Small story but the effort taken to cover the mission is the real scenario. I am hoping to play this game again in XBOX 360 soon. This Game is also available on Torrents. Try to Grab yours first.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Special things about Sony Cybershot

Cyber-shot is the name of the certain series for Sony Digital Camears popularly knows as DSC(Digital Still Cameras). Cyber-shot represents the overall performance of the camera like its Integrated Display, use of Multi-rate processors, etc. Cyber-shot cameras basically uses specially designed CMOS Sensor namely "EXMOR".

In Past days and even now, the time to open the camera shutter makes the capturing possible. With High Speed shutter, Cyber-shot camera makes sufficient no. of shots in few seconds and with the help of BIONZ Image processor, combine varoius shots into one based on errors in picture capturing. The stiched image is the final outcome of Cyber-shot Photograph.
Sony Cyber-shot has its history of over 13 Series of Digital Camera products in a length of few years. With more sufficient technologies, Sony releases the first Mobile-Phone with Cyber-shot capability. The above circuits shows the Cyber-shot built cameras that is used for Digital Still Cameras and Mobile Phones.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NetBook Vs SmartPhone

Hope this is the new confusion among Individuals to buy NetBook or SmartPhone. NetBooks looks similar to Laptops have considerably less specifications than Laptops. SmartPhones has its own limitations on its volume. Coming to NetBooks - Its an alternative to Laptops but HD Gaming and Programming facilities are not supported with lesser Processor configurations. Most NetBook comes with Intel Atom Processor 1.6GHz, which condiserably consumes less power. Very Sleek design. Then coming to SmartPhones - They are comparably lesser to Netbooks on the basis of Size of the product, Battery Stability, Screen Size, Keyboard Size. SmartPhones do have QWERTY Keyboard, Wi-Fi Modules but handling of SmartPhones is difficult unless we have a good practice on it, One of Friend said. But Comparing to Laptops, NetBook shows good battery life with the range of 7hrs, and also handling simialr to Laptops.

Its has been a really great confusion in buying these Gadgets. Cost effectiveness is the thing we all would sync first. Smartphones with Good Configurations costs much higher than NetBooks. So Its a decision we have to make on the basis of comparison of its Space and Its frequency and effective usage of the above two Gadgets.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

LED has a Bright Future or It makes the Future Bright ?!

LED known to be Light Emitting Diode. Its a Device capable of emitting light, that posses the properties of diode. i have chosen this title as i have read an article in one of my electronics magazine. LED's were given much importance nowadays due to its small size with extremely high emission with extremely low power usage. Hope everyone know that even 1.5V is much higher for an LED to emit a good spread of light.

LED contributes itself to various applications from Traffic lights, Seven segment displays to HD Digital Displays. Lifetime of LED was also high due to its manufacturing materials. In past days, an White LED is commonly used and for exhibiting colors, the plastic mount is pigmented to the color it has to emit. But nowadays with the outcome of R&D, alternation in chemical composition makes the LED glow in different colors.

Also i got a confusion in choosing the title. So i included both the Titles for this post. But Actually both are true statments. Believe it or not LED will have bright future which will also makes our Future Bright.

Alexa - A Company dedicated to Hold Web Informations

ALEXA is short term of Address Lookup EXperts Authority. Basically ALEXA belong to Internet Information Providers Industry, now it has become a Standard for Website. Only with the rank quoted for a particular domain, the webpage is being reviewed like ISI Standards for Industries. Based on parameters such as Tags, Categories, Search Engines, Crawler location and Page View, etc the rank of the Domain is Quoted. Each time when someone reviews my blog, the thing they first use is my ALEXA Rank. If you wish to promote your website, try to grab your Widget that shows your rank.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Batman: Dark Knight Returns - HD Gaming

Batman: Dark Knight Returns with title Batman : Arkham Asylum. Its not a movie. Batman : Arkham Asylum is a new HD Gaming released for both X BOX and PS3 Gaming Devices. I hope the story of the Joker continues here from Dark Knight. This game has been developed by Rocksteady Studios and Published by Eidos Interactive with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics. Hope this game would make a Good revenue this year. This game has an official website http://www.batmanarkhamasylum.com. Please do visit and Don't miss the Promotional Videos. The Videos show excellent graphics and 3D modeling. Can see the depth work in graphics involved. Its a Full Scale action game module. Don't miss to grab a Original copy of the game.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Halo Soundtracks for Download

The most popular game in the World, Microsoft's Halo Wars is the new arrival. XBOX release, has a mind blowing Graphics and Soundtracks. Torrent Users can Download the Soundtracks from BTJUNKIE. It has sound tracks of Halo:Combat evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo Wars. Don't miss the sound tracks, Really great to here. These SoundTracks take us to a New environment of Game. Download it and Seed Please..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jet Fighter 2015 - Simulation FullScale

Air Combat is one of the advanced Techno combat ever seen. Jet Fighter 2015 developed by City Interactive is on of the Jet Simulation gaming. I have played Hind, IAF and IF-16 Flight combats. The Graphics used in them were not appropriate but felt good at the time, the game was released. This Game was released in the year 2005, has well built simulation. The system requirements are less, can even run at P4 processors. This Game is available in Torrent Search engines but seeding is 1. Download and seed it.

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