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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Uniqueness Of A Typical Replica Cartier Watch

A typical replica Cartier watch is an imitation copy of the original Cartier brand which is one of the best watch brands in the Swiss nation. The Cartier replica watch is designed in such a way that it resembles the original version in every way.

The original Cartier watch brand came into being through the instrumentality of the great French man known as Louis-Francois Cartier in the year 1874. The watch brand was original founded in Paris but later the Cartier Company was established in the Swiss nation through the effort of Alfred Cartier who was the son of the founder Louis-Francis Cartier. Later the three sons of Alfred namely; Jacques, Louis, and Pierre continued in the watch business and therefore took the Cartier Company to higher levels. This led to the massive invention of other wonderful Cartier models. The high cost nature of such Cartier watches led to the introduction of the Replica Cartier brands.

A typical Replica Cartier watch is therefore a very unique copy of the original Cartier version. One of the best models of the Replica Cartier brand is the one known as Replica Cartier Santos. This brand and the other models have wonderful features that keep on making then the delight of many men and women all over the world.

A typical Cartier watch has wonderful silver dials that makes it keep accurate time always. The Replica Cartier watch is also known for its ability in withstanding harsh weather conditions. In fact a typical Replica Cartier watch is very reliable and durable in every way just as the original brand.

In all, a typical Replica watch is above all very much affordable compared to the original version. It sells at $350 as against $6000 for the original version.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tiny to Power Tiny !

The power i mean is the Battery. Hope you would have seen the Picture above. Its a Research outcome of Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS). It weighs less than a Gram and Thickness of less than 1millimetre. Moreover this is an Eco-Friendly Battery which is built Mercury Free. The Voltage output generated from this Battery is 1.5V and can be connected in series to get 3V, 4.5V, etc voltages. The Group Manager of ENAS, Dr.Andreas has said that their goal was to mass produce the product which could reduce the price of the battery to a Single-Digit cent. Hope this is a Good news for Gadget Manufactures.

I heard from a Friend and even i too experience the inconvenience of large batteries occupying large space in a Gadget like Mobile Phones, MP3 Player, etc. Somehow the problem has come to an end. The Size of the forthcoming gadgets may reduce. Also for Active and Semi-Passive RFID Tags can be powered using these Tiny Batteries. Well, this is not the end, We can able to see lot more gadgets that we used to see in Movies in coming years. Thanks for this Technology.

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