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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I own Nokia E71 !

So after long time, eDoDe is back with his new gadget. Yep, i got Nokia E71 after a long analysis on its specifications. I still couldn't believe this phone bundles with features and specs listed in Nokia Products page. But Nokia haven't failed me. My Sony Ericsson W850i is fully dead and i was hoping to buy a new phone in the same brand like Xperia or W995. In the mean time, i had a chance to work with BlackBerry Smartphones Bold and Storm 2. while i was searching for specs regarding BlackBerry phones, I got into some similar pages of Nokia and had a chance to look into specs of Nokia E71. Not comparably but similarly Nokia E71 have features of BlackBerry Smartphones. Of course Nokia E71 is a smartphone too. I was too much enjoyed seeing lot of specs for lesser price. So i decided finally and got this Smart-phone. Actually this is my second Nokia Smartphone after Nokia 5800 Xpress music. Nokia 5800 is my first touch screen phone and it has too got bugs initially and then after Nokia Software Upgrade the phone seem to be good.

Speaking about Nokia E71, I felt a Pentium-4 computer in my hand. A heavy process may take time but still i finish the work in my handheld device thats my point. E-Series stand for Enhanced Connectivity. I tried almost all features of this phone from Push Email service to Video Call. I tried Video Call using Fring Messenger through Wi-Fi with my friend in Singapore and he uses Nokia 5800 Xpress music and get connected to me in the similar way i did. We almost spoke for 45minutes with good Audio and Video stream. I felt my battery was hot so i disconnected the call, otherwise the call should have last for another one hour. This is the great feature i was astonished with the phone. Though its a third party software, the hardware has to adopt for its capability rite !?

Regarding specs SmartPhone with 3.5G Mobile connectivity, Candy-Bar Style, Bluetooth with EDR, IR, USB, A-GPS, Wi-Fi. The mobile factory finish is very stylish with its stainless steel. I bought Grey silver with look very shiny and glitters. QWERTY Keyboard is the great feature, I enjoyed with BlackBerry and now with Nokia. Theses are all hardware stuffs and here comes some software stuff. I can find some similarity with my computer Operating systems. I feel Symbian S60 can be comparable to Linux OS especially Ubuntu, on account of its software packages. Easy to fetch and install applications. OVI Store comes as an replacement to "Download" option of traditional Nokia Phones. OVI Store as explained in my previous post, Its like an App Store for Apple products.

Adcanced Call Manager, Multiscanner, BarCode Reader are the softwares, i see and work for the first time. OVI Store has lot of softwares and we can download it for free. I also came to know that Smartphones have Torrent downloader Software, third party developed software. I am searching for the better one.

Regarding appearance, I felt E71 looks very slim and sexy than E63 and E72. When i opened backside cover, I was surprised to see a huge battery with 3.7V and 1500mA output. Battery weighs more than the circuit and I seem to gain weight when its in my hand but It fix easily to my pocket.

Regarding security, the phone have lot of security locks. Lock for Phone, Memory card, Internal and External memory encryption. Remote Lock is my most lovable lock, using that i can lock my phone, just sending a code through SMS to my phone from anyother phone.

Music Player and Video Playback sounds good. Regarding camera, it has lot of options, I mean modes of capturing Picture or Video do have lot of choice. It has been a problem in Nokia phones that memory card can be removed only removing the battery but In my SmartPhone, it has a slot outside. Audio jack is the most annoying thing, since its 2.5mm jack. Difficult to find this Audio jack, in case if i lose it. Also i cannot connect to anyother audio device like audio jack in Xpress Music and SE Walkman Series phones.

So, I thought i could give a start to Business phones, so this is what i bought and suits me well for my blog. I blog and moderate comments using my Nokia SmartPhone. I eventually forgot my Laptop after i start using my phone. I strongly recommend SmartPhone users that too starters, better activate Data Plan of the Subscriber or use internet through Home Wi-Fi. Also i and my friend tried to connect internet to Phone through PC Internet with Ad-Hoc, and IP, Gateway allocation, Still we couldn't find a way for that. But somehow, If i find it, I'l let you know through my blog.

I found some problem of "Certificate Error" while installing old softwares on my SmartPhone and I rectified it by changing the date of phone to one year back, Then i could install software easily. Most softwares wouldn't allow to install if there is any issue on mobile phone compatibility. Also don't try to force the installation, It would result in Memory Card crash. Within a week of time, I tried all the features including VOIP and I really like this phone.

Hope this phone set a new business opportunity for me. Write comments on my review and Let me know if you need help in assisting Nokia E71 Smartphone problems.


  1. hi vivek, Nice mobile da. What is the cost of the mobile da?

  2. I am very interested to have it ........ hihihihi

  3. Price is not mentioned...........so ad is incomplete


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