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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Medical Alert @ your finger tips !

Medical alert is one of the growing technology that works similar to the home security systems but also it takes care for senior citizens. The panic button is the recent of such technology which when pressed, connect the user to the 24x7 dedicated monitoring center and request help is served in case of emergency. There has been some serious issues reported using this technology. The panic button tied over the neck for the convenience of the seniors but this failed in the case, if the person fall down to become unconscious.

Fall Detector is the one such device introduced to over the above issue. Fall Detector can be held over the hip belt and connect the user with the monitoring center as soon as the Fall Detector senses the user falling down and takes cares of the emergency call. Fall Detector is one of such award winning Medical Alert technology to sense and report emergency and to get maximized positive comments from its users.

Medical Alert technology remotely connects every user with 24x7 dedicated monitoring center and then with the Emergency transport vehicles that serves the user in fine time. Brick House Alert is such a company dedicated to develop Medical Alert devices that includes GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking bracelet, hand-held telephone Call answering devices, etc.

This device is a must in home device to serve elders and our parents, if in case we had to leave them to be alone in home and if we need to serve them for their betterment. These devices help us to get in touch and monitor our elders all the time which is very cost effective.

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