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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Industail PC serves Embedded Systems at its best !

Industrial PC's equip Automation Industries and Defense industries to have its products qualified for it performance, ruggedness and mil-grade production. Industrial PC of this age found its various name as embedded modules, Platforms for Embedded Systems, Boards, etc.

PXI's, CompactPCI's, VME's, Communication boards, Advanced Controllers, VPX, peripherals, HMI's, Displays, Ruggedized PC's, Enclosures, etc are invidually and together called as IPC's. IPC's mostly support prototype development companies along with Automation Industry, Robotic Research, Manufacturing Industry, Defense Industry, Aerospace Industry and Research institutes. Lot of IPC manufactures contribute to industries by having membership provisions to help grow the business. The relationship actually favors industries with their quality products and thus they dually develop good relationship to serve their Customers to have value for their investments.

Microsoft and Linux compatible PXI and CompactPCI have arrived in the market, helps the end users to program their own Input
Only few IPC manufacturers are good at providing post sales Customer support and provide Standard library and support for software development that involves devices. IPC's valued as a good supporter in the field of embedded systems where most of the industries use products. Also IPC's comes with customized products based on user requirements, that is where it stands.

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