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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Know about Phishing Websites..!!

I like to bring a note on Phishing Websites. This is one of the Misuse of Internet Technology. To be frank, Stealing Account Details like Credit Card Number, Username and Password of Internet Banking of an Innocent. Few days back i got a Spam mail addressing ICICI Bank requesting to Update my Profile Details of My Credit Card and a Link specified to Login to my account. Actually I dont have any Bank Account till now, I wonder why did they mail me. On my previous Search i found a Website Called Ipligence.com and dnschart.com. These two websites helps me to find whether the mail is fake on not. And using those Websites i was in Surprise that the Phishing Website looks the same as Actual ICICI Bank website. See the Picture below, then you may understand what i am trying to say.

Phishing Website:

Actual Website:

I hope you can understand what these frauds were trying to do with such websites. I tried a lot to find out how it works and found a cool thing they used behind this website design. For every website including every secured website, we are capable to get Source Code (Just Right Click on the Webpage and Select "View Source" - You will get the source code). So its easy to get a Genuine Webpage code. What these guys do is, they get the source code and host it in another location and get a domain name related to the original webpage name. For example (ICICI bank website : http://icicibank.com/ ,
the Fake ICICI Bank Website: http://icicibnk.0lx.net/verify.php (Phising Website - Be Safe to enter details to login column).

Once they host it, they get the control of buttons in that website and they are capable to route the links. Then one more website named MailMyForm.com. When your website has a form that can be filled by some persons, then you may sign in to MailMyForm.com and get Source codes to be used in your website. This works when anyone press the button filling the form in your webpage, then the whole form is mailed to your email. So this is the thing, the frauds use them for wrong activities. So, as usual you enter your Credit Card Details to that Phishing Website, it will be mailed to that Fraud Group without your Knowledge. So, the only idea you can use to aware about these websites is you should have a keen look to the website you are loging in. This blog is just to Create Awarness among the people who are not aware of Fake Websites. Also i like to suggest a Group to report about these Phishing websites. Take time to Visit: Anti-Phishing Working Group. I have already reported about this Phishing Website. Be Safe while you browse through internet. Happy Browsing..!!!

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