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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I own iPhone 4S..! (Part-1)

                It's last November, I bought my first iPhone (iPhone 4S). The words can't phrase the joy of owning an iPhone. iPhone 4S features are enough listed out in Apple Website. Here I wish to list out few like's and dis-like's on my iPhone.

  • 8MP Camera + 1080pi HD Video Record
  • iOS
  • Assistive Touch
  • iCloud
  • Music
  • Siri
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • Battery

  • Dialing
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory
  • iOS
  • Battery
             Expected/Missing dialing features "Editing Dialed Numbers" and "Take note on numbers while on Call", I miss on this iPhone. Bluetooth just for Tethering internet and Headsets, is what I miss from a Bluetooth 4.0 specified phone. Memory is about carrying Pictures/Music/Videos on my phone. I bought 16GB and Its not enough to fill songs/pictures that i like to keep.

            iOS5.0 was installed on my iPhone, when i bought it. But after a month and later I started getting fixes and Now i have iOS5.1.1 which has some Battery and Performance fixes. Frequent update is what i dis-liked from iOS but I still like iOS comparing Android updates. After announcing iOS6 release, it's features are quiet notable and Waiting to have a try on it. I know there is no turning back, once iOS is installed on your i-Device.

          iOS 5.1.1 has Battery fixes and Performance fixes, Sure I fixes the power consumption and gives a Battery life for good time. For me 10Hrs Maximum, I could still find battery power available for use. But with iOS5.0.1, i faced quick consumption on Battery power.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Duo entertainment for me from Apple...!

Apple Inc products are as sweet as apple. Apple product iPhone 4 is fully loaded with entertainment and that arrived at my hand that too two of it. Admiring form factor. I have dropped iPhone 3G and 3GS for more times because of its slippy design, Yeah it just slipped and fell down to the floor. Unless you have a cover, you cannot carry it safe. But if covered, then it looks bulky. iPhone 4's form factor is not much amazing, i could say. But still i feel it very slim and easy to carry it safe. Also the iPhone 4 case that comes with package, its a kind of vibration protector. It looks bit hard but that saves iPhone 4 much.

The above picture shows you the new feature of the iPhone iOS-4, that enables to close or force quit the application, Yeah like in Linux. In iPhone 3G, i would feel that i have never quit the application as soon as i press the iPhone's universal button. But this really sounds good. Initially while i was using the iPhone, i didn't know that i really lose my battery in few hours. Then i came to know about this feature and that really saved the battery life. If you want to quit an application or if you want to see what tasks it runs, just make a double click at the iPhone's Universal button then you will see the screen as in the above picture.

I have seen lot videos on iPhone 4 unpacking in youtube. I wanted to make a video of unpacking as well as dismantling it. But I really don't want peel off this apple product. Just 5 controls left for the user to control the hole iPhone and most of the events, conditions were handled by iPhone's Universal button. Yeah, can say it has touch screen but considering other phones, these 5 controls were bit much effectively functional in this iPhone and looks smart. Hardware configuration is much more than i have expected. Apple integrates its first own and custom designed System-on-Chip package Apple A4 CPU (Specific's Apple designed Apple A4 and Manufactured by Samsung :: Chip can carryout process at 1GHz but its down-clocked to 800MHz) on this iPhone 4 and now they use it for all apple products. That's cool isn't it!

Most of my friends who love iPhone and hate other phone makers and i really ignore them for one reason since Apple designs products that are psychologically attracting people. That's how the Apple still making it way towards the End-Users and that's the way i like it. Has its own Fans. They make it attractive and they make us feel it attractive. Hope anyone would hardly believe this statement. Graphical Processing Unit GPU(Specifics: GPU from PowerVR SGX series) is the most exploring thing in this iPhone. That can help you explore photos or if you find it hard to read, I mean to magnify and explore photos. Use retina eye option. Just drag you finger along the way you want to read, then you will see the path getting Zoomed in.

I have discussed more about App Store and Most of the iPhone features with iPhone 3GS is already with iPhone 4 except face-time. Fring Video Call or Skype Video call that works cool with this phone. Still you cannot use this face-time with the Video Call feature that your subscriber promise. Actually i use NTT DoCoMo's SIM card which i have converted it to MicroSIM, Yeah myself, i've to cut it. Internet seems to be faster for me in NTT DoCoMo and with this iPhone 4, i am really enjoying to be online and getting updates on business, reports. I sometime feel bad about this iPhone 4, same with all iPhones, there isn't any edit before call options at all. Have to afford some other third party app to fix this. I rarely use paid apps but still i don't wish to afford paid app as a fix.

Cheers for iPhone 4 users. I am really waiting to have comments from iPhone users. Have a good day :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Industail PC serves Embedded Systems at its best !

Industrial PC's equip Automation Industries and Defense industries to have its products qualified for it performance, ruggedness and mil-grade production. Industrial PC of this age found its various name as embedded modules, Platforms for Embedded Systems, Boards, etc.

PXI's, CompactPCI's, VME's, Communication boards, Advanced Controllers, VPX, peripherals, HMI's, Displays, Ruggedized PC's, Enclosures, etc are invidually and together called as IPC's. IPC's mostly support prototype development companies along with Automation Industry, Robotic Research, Manufacturing Industry, Defense Industry, Aerospace Industry and Research institutes. Lot of IPC manufactures contribute to industries by having membership provisions to help grow the business. The relationship actually favors industries with their quality products and thus they dually develop good relationship to serve their Customers to have value for their investments.

Microsoft and Linux compatible PXI and CompactPCI have arrived in the market, helps the end users to program their own Input
Only few IPC manufacturers are good at providing post sales Customer support and provide Standard library and support for software development that involves devices. IPC's valued as a good supporter in the field of embedded systems where most of the industries use products. Also IPC's comes with customized products based on user requirements, that is where it stands.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Displays in trade shows - bring in Business !

Believe it or not ! Business nowadays need attractiveness. Its not about attractiveness as a whole but still it has considerations. Trade shows are part of it. Pop up displays depict the presentation of the company. It really matters how they present more that what they present. I really like to make innovations in my presentations and this pop up displays allow such customization possible.

Pop up booths were actually used in Trade Shows, Job fair, retails outlet to attract and bring in business. Pop up trade show displays comes in 3D, Lots of colors, Designs, graphics and anything on customer's wish can be done.

Trade show pop up displays either allow you to show the graphics on it or even project pictures from computer based on user requirements. These pop up displays are easy to setup and transport. A single man power can lift a pop up display, that's the way these displays are still in work with trade shows and events. The frame can be made open like canopy or an accordion, just like setting up a tent.

Graphics and shapes for internal shelving arrangements, within the pop uo displays makes it very elegant for the display. The pop up display can be made very information than it could just give a show up for colors.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rating is what they are Up-To-Date !

Most of the starters search for free webhost. Webmasters look for performance based web hosting. Both can have they questions answered here. Beyond answers, End-User can understand the options of a service provider and can learn a lot. Its Just like a search engine, but with complete database covering all aspects & services that suites End-User who may be a starter or Webmaster.

Rating based on user reviews and in-person visit by critics - Most of the rating sites outsource most of the website rating jobs and no one's got to know, whose making the critics and the data is not a valid one, unless it is validated by a webmaster. The most believable root of WebHostingRating.com are its valid data from a valid webmaster or a critic. What-else as End-User require for a rating, provided with data from a assuring webmaster.

So, Here's your chance. Checkout your needs, Have a great webhosting.

Friday, January 7, 2011

SmartPhone vs NoteBook ? Yes, believe it happens !

These days, i could see healthy competition between SmartPhone giants Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, Samsung. In parallel, it brings down the NoteBook(Laptop) market down. Yes, it happens. I came across few articles CEO change in Nokia, Laptop's and Netbook's with 3G Modem, etc. Apple and Blackberry were the top among leads in the SmartPhone Market. After Apple iPhone 4, BlackBerry Torch and Nokia N8 were the new arrival that are equally qualified on hardware and functionality. Laptop markets were already in saturation but its feared by Laptop makers that still the market could go down in near future.

The purpose to own each gadget change at each time. Most of the people who have laptops, have SmartPhones too. But price of smartphone is more or less equal to Laptops. Also Smartphones comes with HD experience like in Studio configured laptops. So, definitely its a threat to Laptop markets. Though with laptop we could attribute special magic like programming, Development,etc

Apple even breaks the storage issues with its Airport device. So, Point of buying a Laptop is more less except one. Programming is the part that can never have replacement for Laptops. Smartphones may be in future, comes with Terminal support can help Developers to work directly in their smartphones. I have not much to say about this situation. Its not too far for Smartphones to acquire Notebook markets. So, hope picture above could claim more about this situation. May be it reflects a wrestling between Smartphones and Laptops. Need your comments for my first complete Adobe PhotoShop Work. Have a good day.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pop up display matters on Trade Shows !

Pop up displays with best designs and architecture, provides possible marks for better impression. Trade shows, Events, retail store, job fairs and wherever display is need this sets you a mark. So, either a graphic or non-graphic version, hope this Pop up trade show displays could help you much with alternative solutions for customization to attract customers whoever at the display.

Pop up displays are made Graphic ready and even if the graphic is ready from our side, it can use a Velcro graphic to make our own display customization. Pop up displays are easy to carry and set-up. You then hang either fabric or graphic panels to the frame and you are all set up. Also, the case can convert to a podium stand by using either a graphic or fabric wrap to surround the case. A plastic or wood top is added to finish off the podium.

So, These displays as so flexible to use and can be expanded to the stage limits and make good use of it. A variety of Graphics, Models, shelving, etc., are available and customizable tools, give us an opportunity to make our own creative designs in pop up displays. For better impressions pop up displays includes Lightning effects and back light effects and skins collections with them.

Bubble kits are they unique setup that attracts the user. Also pop up booths with their 3D integrations make them valid for attractive trade show pop up displays. Hope you make a right choice for trade show displays.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day with iPhone 3GS !

After my story "A Journey into Apple !", a friend of mine approached me to unlock his new iPhone 3GS. So, with his permission, i took his iPhone a day and Unlocked it for him. A day long i looked into the phone and enjoyed every feature on it. Digital Compass is the most admire-able thing i found with this phone. "MagiTact", an electronic magnetometer that traces the earths magnetic field and shows the exact direction in the phone. Google Maps application with GPS and Magnetometer guides a perfect way into streets. In Google Maps, there shows a mark that exactly match the top side direction of the iPhone.

App store is the next beautiful thing with the iPhone. After Signing-In with Apple ID, there are lot of applications available with App Store. Applications with App Store were unimaginable. Lot of motion games available with iPhone, each and everyone were really amazing.

More than an review, i loved it. After i had the phone in my hand, it just made me very eager to buy my own. To be frank, more than BlackBerry Storm 2 9550, My Nokia E71, I prefer more to get an iPhone. Well this is older verions, Now i prefer more to buy iPhone 4.

Then discussing the iPhone unlock, its a quiet easy steps. Visit my Wordpress blog to know more about Unlocking iPhone 3GS. Find below the photograph of iPhone 3GS being unlocked. Jailbreakme is a small application that's used to Unlock any iPhone iOS. Its a cool thing. I experienced similar installation procedure with Ubuntu Linux through APT url.

Cydia is the application, that gets install after Unlocking the iPhone. It acts just like an Apple App Store. Using this Application, we can download may other applications, games to customize iPhone to your like. Already there rising an news that SmartPhone market brings the Notebooks markets down. I am damn sure iPhone, if comes with lesser price, it will bring down the NoteBook market down. I am very much excited to have iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 in my hand soon. Hope you have too.

New to Host? Check this out !

Hosting at new face, its easy to find free one, but is it qualifying your needs? Definitely can't do better than WebHostingRating.com. It has been 10 years, since i started using internet and WebHostingRating.com is one such reviewer still existing from year 2002. They help mutually the Hosting provider and Hosting User to extend the possibility features that others may have and help the user to choose the best from it.

Its a Galaxy of Hosting Sites and helps you choose the best one. Web pages are the easiest thing to create over internet. So, each of Hosting website are tested for its performance and assurance by various critiques. Most of the hosting sites, display features that are not even valid or understandable by the Hosting users. So, The WebHostingRating.com uses finite words to explain features assured by the Hosting provider.

This is how WebHostingRating.com varies from other websites and Get the best one out of webhosting providers. If you are fresh to start with Hosting service, then you have lot to learn here. Check this out !

A Journey into Apple !

Well not into Apple exactly but about Apple Inc,. So after a month long smoke of rumors over Apple products iPad and iPhone 4, i had my chance to work on both the products. I even heard from most of the reviews state that they are stuck with iPad. First I really couldn't understand then after touching it with my hand, i even realized it. For me its an intermediate for PC and Smart-phone. I feel more likely to buy this product but just as a travel companion, i wouldn't prefer. I could better buy a Smart-phone instead.

This is my first blog on Apple products and I prefer more to switch completely to Apple products, rather than getting single product from apple. Apple being the highly valued technology company wants its users to completely switch to apple products. Apple products and its development are unique and piracy protected at the maximum. Though Microsoft products have more number of end users, It covers lot of piracy and security issues.

But Apple products are cost effective and saves user from piracy and security issues are considerable. I feel more convenient in buying useful gadgets but in case of iPad, i like to go with Smart-phones.

Coming to new Smart-Phone from Apple - iPhone 4, My favorite phone. I enjoyed every technical specification of the phone. I was very surprised to find two processing units with the phone CPU and GPU. GPU (Graphics Processing unit) is the new feature that controls the display features of this iPhone. CPU is made of ARM architecture and has multitasking features that are mind blowing.

New type of display technology called Retina Technology, makes the video best viewable on the screen. HD videos and audio playback sounds good as know from its design. Apple is very unique in deciding its Form-Factor, which is very thin and compact to hold and even very attractive. iPhone 4 runs on iOS4.1, which makes it more ease to work. I heard from recent news that Journalists of Wall Street Journal are about to get their BlackBerry replacement to iPhone soon.

Considering the Antenna issue, Not for Apple but i have almost handled good number of smart-phones, i used to see such issue of Gain drop, even if i turn the my Nokia E71 phone to different direction. I am likely to get into Apple zone soon with a starter of Apple iPhone 4. I will soon get back to you with my Hands-on review with my iPhone 4.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fetch your Bathroom suites online !

I really wonder what if I could buy all my bathroom suites online. Yeah, I see lot of collections out of it. A company, that connects all its Showrooms over online and makes it easier to buy online. Believe it or Not! It’s worth buying online. While I used to visit showrooms, I couldn't easily find collections. So, I went online, as if I could find such collections. And I found one. BetterBathrooms.com, they really provide the best of Suites available in the market. I really made a good choice and I believe that it’s the right thing to do. Features like Online Purchase, Customer Service 24x7 and Home delivery sounds really good.

The quality, I look for, is more than just everything. Quality is the zero compromising things of mine, and they made it. I even found lot such websites but this is the only company, I found it very interesting. Many were impressed of their service and quality. They provide unlatching quality to their customers at your door steps and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Once you look for change to have better bathrooms, it’s worth trying BetterBathrooms.com. Huge collections were the positive notes on them. Right now they have stock clearance sale and hope this is the fine time to make your purchase.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life Insurance, more than just Savings !

Life Insurance is what everyone fears to hear about. Obviously, Insurance can be defined more technically but initial fear on life insurance is about its unfortunate statements and most of such fear with people is reportedly the effect of handling Executives. In optimistic approach, Insurance is a type of savings and in return of its valued interest coverage. Moreover it’s a deal between policy owner and the insurer.

Also it’s a recommendation economic analyst, to make an investment in Insurance. Each of company’s insurance policies assures certain sum of money as accidental coverage with interest rates favoring to market situations. Instead of approaching and inquiring for quote from each of Insurance Company would take a long process. I found one such iSelect.com that has connections over many Life Insurance companies that take over this job for you.

Categorized search helps you get the appropriate Insurance policy and also in-terms of premium payments. The companies connected to this website are financially well formed and they provide surety for people’s investments for their assured returns. Surplus money can be invested with Life Insurance, which also considerably reduces income tax payment to the government.

The invested money is already implemented for Infrastructure and development bodies of Government as well as private sector which give surety to invested and guaranteed coverage.So, it's a good deal to visit iSelect.com, to choose your rite Life Insurance policy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Car Insurance, for Car In-sure !

Car Insurance is believed to keep the mind in peace, even in the case of unfortunate times. Basically in Law and Economics, Insurance is happened to be the risk management tool. Insurance is one such tool that provides fund for unfortunate situations that happens to human life and even for their property.

Next to human life is the insurance to property, especially Car Insurance. Transportation is primary medium by which unfortunate situations occur. Both Accidental coverage and repairing covers can be claimed. Even accidental repairs, can be covered under these policies. Not for repairs but also for lost car can be claimed.

Car Insurance is provided by Insurance Company with the advice of the Car Manufacturer, binding to certain policies of Insurance Company. Well, there are already good number of Insurance Companies who were already have good number of policies. Confusion in choosing one of the policies and one such company can be reclaimed using iSelect.com.

Any number of people can make their inquiry from all the qualified companies and get their quote for Car Insurance. Also iSelect.com provides recommendations to choose specific Insurance Policy from a specific company. Their recommendations were very unique to choose, for which they have valid features to recommend. iSelect.com is first of it and provides valuable suggestions in choosing best of all available.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Currency Conversions, a Click away !

It's seems to be the days of business growing with FOREX (Foreign Exchange) on account of Imports and Exports. Increase in markets, leads to increase in money exchange, which in turn increase foreign exchange. Import, Export and Tourism are the prime factors decide the Foreign Exchange. Also it depends on the country’s internal market situations. So, it all finally arrives at conversion rate between currencies.

Currency Converter is the mostly used keyword in search engines. Due to lot of Currency Converters available through internet, there exist few issues of update. Few website are capable of calibrating the currency conversions exactly with frequently updating facility, so conversion rates are up to date.

But still there are few websites, still make their updates slower and the visitor cannot get the exact and current conversion rate. While googling around, I came across a website that dedicatedly handles information of Currency Converters. It’s not like usual review pages, this webpage has got good amount of News, Blogs and Reviews about fully featured currency converters. It was really helpful in deciding my currency purchase.

Was really amazed about the “Financial News” page, which provides news about Economic and financial status of a country, industry and individual were discussed. The News and analysis through blogs and at the end reviews makes the News very understandable and with that, I was able to make my investment safer in all the way.

Rejuvenate your Funding Source !

Well this is period of recovery and lot of plans involved to make a profound Economy and stabilize finance. So, not for Grown Entrepreneurs but also Growing Entrepreneurs, it’s time to make them and their company financially stable through a special fund source organization. Any types of Industries are invited to make use of this funding source offered by a profound foundation.

To be more frank, no one’s going to let their fund for free in this time, but to be considerate this foundation is ready to award their fund with special type of programs and each assisting with its own features.

Features like credit card establishment, rebuilding credit cards, rebuild my credits can make use of it, just as an add-on to the required program that you choose. Program classified is such a way that so ease to afford funds and monitor credits. Also trail period were announced to make people understand the focus and realization of their investments to specific business.

Credit Builder Program calibrates the positive Business Credit Profile of the company and earns good respect in all the way and paves way for global expansion. They provide an assured success to attain to such high profile of corporate structure in a period of 4 to 8months, for which it usually takes year to reform.

Especially for merchants, Master-Cards provide Merchant Cards to earn immediate funds when ever and where ever they require. MyFundingSource.com is the organization, I was speaking about. They provided end to end banking solutions and even quick loan facilities. So it’s time to get our dream of life come true. It’s a good start, if you plan to start with MyFundingSource.com.

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