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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Forum for all Electronic Hobbyist...!!!

Hello Friends,
Here's a Website with Forum dedicated for all Electronic Hobbyist. I am a member of this forum for about two months. Believe me, We can learn everything either in the field of technology else fundamentals of Electronics or Whatever you need to learn about Technology available in this world. In forums, there were plenty of Senior Members, as well as Professors of some standard universities answering your questions. Click the above LogoImage to visit the Website. If you are a starter then you have Fundamentals to learn and if you have Questions, it will be answered. I feel that this forum has some active Persons to answer the questions we have in a few minutes. Its a great thing we get answered for a question in time. Am i right? I am an Electronic Hobbyist and i prefer my folowers to have a link with this Website to make way to Innovative Electronics.

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