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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Have you ever Heard of 400GB Optical Disc...?!

Hi Friends,
Here comes the new era in Optical Disk. An Optical Disk with 400GB Space is the news. This is made possible by using the Multi Layer Recordable technology and It was developed by Pioneer Corporation located in Tokyo. With Layer capacity to 25GB, 16-Layers make 400GB space to this Disk. It was believed that Multilayer Optical Disks will face difficulties in Reading Data from each layer that too it looses its stability. This difficulty is mainly due to Cross Talk from adjacent layers and Transmission Losses. With the help of Optical Disk Production Technology developed by DVD's, Pioneer has pulled out the above stated problem.

The above picture shows the 400GB 16-Layer Optical Disk on the Release day. With lot a research carried out on this Optical Disk, it was found that Pioneer has attained stability in the Playback of Recorded Signals by using Wide-range spherical aberration compensator. If you need more information about this, you just google it, It shows a lot.

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