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Monday, October 27, 2008

Things i know about New Microchip product PIC16F690...!!!

Hi Friends,
Microchip is one of the fastest growing Integrated Circuits manufacturing company. The Microcontroller PIC16F690 is one of latest chip designed my this company, which knows for it NanoWatt power consumption and for its 3V supply operation. Its a 20pin Microcontroller that comes with different types of packages. This PIC16F690 is available with PICKit-2 (Developer kit of Microchip). Its not yet commercially released in India. It has Enhanced UART technology that handles Serial Port communication more effectively. The MPLAB IDE and PICkit programmers comes with PICKit-2. Plugins like Hi-Tech C, CCS C helps to do program in C language. Bye...

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  1. I dont find this COntroller in Market. I think it comes with PICKIT 2, A microchip product. Inform me, If you get One. This Controller operates with minimum of 2.5V, Really great to achieve such performance in this minimum voltage...


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