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Monday, December 29, 2008

What is "GoGreen"?

Hi Friends,
Nowadays GoGreen policies were implemented in lot of industries, mostly in Computer and Automotive based industries. Companies such as IBM, Toyota, Honda, etc have already started to plan for the release of Eco-Friendly products. IBM built some computers that consumes less power that cuts energy costs spent by a company and resulting in less consumption of natural resources like coal and other reserves. Likely Car manufacturing companies produce emission free cars for next generation. These lead to new innovations out of prolonged research, which considerably increases cost. In IT companies they work on both Software and Hardware units for less consumption of power. These days purchase on Laptops have considerably increased more than that of Desktop due to its disadvantage of power consumption and space. Mobile phone companies like Nokia has started to recycle their old mobile phone parts to new model mobile phones. However these recycling, Eco-Friendly products cannot control the Global Warming process, as threhold of temperature and other environmental factors has already been crossed over. May be these issues may help our successors to consume minerals and other natural resources with caution. I have created my view to bring out a Shield to protect from Global Warming in the above picture. I strongly believe that if we GoGreen with the products that i have shown in the Picture, can bring a Shield that protects the Human Life from Global Warming.

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