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Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Magic to Make Water...!

This isn't a robot or Football, Just a Prototype the makes water for you. As per the Environmentalists, Water would be the next resource that we need to buy like other Products in the Market. A Canada based company named "Element Four" has designed this prototype that Converters Atmospheric air to Water. The Specification of this device were said to give out 12litres of Drinking water per day with 300Watt generator. The cost of production of 1Litre of water takes 3 to 4 US Cents. Coming to Technical Part, it consists of Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensors which can analyze the Atmospheric condition and fed the information to the Micro-controller. The Controller suits itself to the atmosphere and works with Greater efficiency. It was also said that the Consumption of Bottled water has been increased nowadays and these devices would save human life's. I feel happy to share this news with all of you...


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