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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New HD Media Player for TV...

Recently I was visited an Exhibition held in Singapore. There they got lot of New Gadgets and Let me Introduce a new Hardware that works as a Media player to the Television we have. The Hardware was produced my Western Digital Company.
The Hardware was Named as HD TV Media Player. HD means the Hard Disk, yes it works like an External Hard Disk of your computer and also which allows you to Record Videos from Television Directly without using a special devices like in computers. This Hardware is connected with Television using a Special cable called HDMI Cable. High Definition Multimedia Interface is the expansion for HDMI. Using this setup one can record Videos from TV Directly to you the Hard Disk. Also it has USB support which allows the End-User to Copy the Movie file into the PC or else Movie from PC. The Movie from PC can be copied to the HD TV Media Player and can br played back on Television like commercial DVD players.
The Price Varies depending on the Capacity of the Hard-Disk. The Price of WD HD TV Media Player with 160GB hard-disk is 200SGD. Visit the Company website to get more details about this Media Player. Happy to Share this News with you Friends..

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