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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smart Phones likely to take DigiCam Configurations..!

Hi Friends,
Its was time that it was hard to take Pictures outdoors and Difficult to carry Cameras from One place to another. Then Cam the Handy Cameras with Films. After CMOS technology has been introduced Handy Cameras has become to Pocket cameras with a size that fits the Hand. Simultaneously Cameras phones also came to Market with low quality Cameras like VGA, etc. The Smart Phones plays the role nowadays. The Configuration of Camera in an actual smart phone is around 5MegaPixels. The Advancement in CMOS technology brought DigiCams with size lesser than that of Pocket Cameras with upto 10 to 20 MegaPixels. Adding to that Smart Phones with 8MegaPixels has been introduced now. The Name of the Smart Phone is "Samsung i8510 INNOV8". The configuration of this Smart Phone resembles Iphone but 8MegaPixels really sounds good. It also got some interesting features.


  1. Wow... awesome.. how much i have to pay for this one?
    Nice blog... BTW....

  2. gorgeous!!! but i didn't like it...

  3. thanks edode, great your blog 10 value!

  4. your blog is very informative, edode! *thumbup*

  5. wanna have on of those...
    4 thumbs up!!!


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