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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Solar Jacket for Gadget Users...!

Hi Friends,
A Solar powered Rechargeable jacket titled "Solar-JKT" was introduced by the Company "Zegna Sports". The Jacket provides charging facilities to Gadgets like iPOD's, Mobile Phones, etc. It was said that 5hours direct sunlight exposure will charge the Internal Battery to Full level. It was also estimated that One Hour direct Sunlight exposure can charge the Mobile Phone upto 35Minutes of TalkTime. The Collar seems to be little disturbing while we need to site, so that the collar can be detached from the Battery in the Jacket. The Jacket was priced to be around $1350. Also Special batteries are available, so that the Jacket can power GPS Devices, Digital Cameras, etc. If we need to Save power, we really need to Pay for it..


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