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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Electricity comes Wireless !?

Here comes most surprise-full technology ever invented, Power through air medium i.e, through RF waves. This is very similar to wired electricity service. Then main difference is that the Gain or Amplitude of the signal of the Wired and Wireless medium of power transmission(Technically Speaking). With account of this year's Consumer electronics shows, almost every gadget is made with wireless charging.

My prediction is that the Gain on the transmitted signal will be high in its neighbour points. While a device placed near such transmission point, signal similar to AC power obtained from wired service is obtained and treated with Bridge circuits to get a pure DC volt. This DC signal is used for Charging the Gadget or Mobile phone batteries. Also Li-ion batteries comes with quick and effective charge sustainability. This makes the Wireless charging possible with the Gadgets. Commercially this product is like a pad, on which the Gadget can be placed to get it charged.

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  1. Its a Great news. No more Wired charging.. Hope we can charge more than one device at a time..

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  2. nice post. interesting...have a nice day ^_^


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