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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Solar Cells for Life !

Its a Fact that Maximized Production will lead to lesser cost of the products. This happens same with the Solar Cells too. Few years back the Production was less and The Cost of Solar Cell was High. Even i have thought about Solar Cell is just for power supply and I cant afford much of cost on Solar Cell for my Low Cost Hobby Projects. This is not the case now.

I can assure, it is 10% lesser cost now than it was a Year Back. Flexible Solar Cell is the new trend in Solar Cell research. Flexible Cells were fabricated as a Trial near Melbourne. As per CSIRO report, they expect 100Kilometres of Solar Sheet to be printed every day. As Flexible as its structure, It is too flexible to adopt any Place like - Roof Top, Window Covers, Can replace Glasses in Sky crapers, Can be mounted over Vehicle's Skin, and places where ever we need power. Really dont know how far is this going to lead. If it assures less consumption of Electricity produced from Non-Renewable Resources, we can look for a Good Green Revolution.

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