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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am the Most Wanted in Need For Speed !

Recently i am the Most wanted in Need For Speed. Yes, I'm speaking about the Game "Need For Speed : Most Wanted". I played this game recently in my PC and with my special interest i was able to cover 5 BlackList Members in just 10hrs. The Game was really mind blowing. Like the Movie "The Fast and The Furious", It has got some missions to complete.

The Police chase is one of the best design i have ever seen. The City designed for the Game is quiet large and every race happens within the city or around. The Missions in the game move on to just a Small story but the effort taken to cover the mission is the real scenario. I am hoping to play this game again in XBOX 360 soon. This Game is also available on Torrents. Try to Grab yours first.

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