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Monday, May 18, 2009

Special things about Sony Cybershot

Cyber-shot is the name of the certain series for Sony Digital Camears popularly knows as DSC(Digital Still Cameras). Cyber-shot represents the overall performance of the camera like its Integrated Display, use of Multi-rate processors, etc. Cyber-shot cameras basically uses specially designed CMOS Sensor namely "EXMOR".

In Past days and even now, the time to open the camera shutter makes the capturing possible. With High Speed shutter, Cyber-shot camera makes sufficient no. of shots in few seconds and with the help of BIONZ Image processor, combine varoius shots into one based on errors in picture capturing. The stiched image is the final outcome of Cyber-shot Photograph.
Sony Cyber-shot has its history of over 13 Series of Digital Camera products in a length of few years. With more sufficient technologies, Sony releases the first Mobile-Phone with Cyber-shot capability. The above circuits shows the Cyber-shot built cameras that is used for Digital Still Cameras and Mobile Phones.

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  1. Interesting.!! Thanks for sharing the special information about Sony Cybershot.


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