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Saturday, May 23, 2009

LED TV - A new phase for LED !

Samsung unveils the next phase of Light Emitting Diode (LED) use in Televisions with brand name LED TV. Basically this television uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology which is based on LED. DLP projectors trademark was owned by Texas Instruments and with its help, this product was made. DLP arrives in Single to Three chip facilities depending upon the power of projection. With the use of DLP, small and comparably high power projectors were designed for the use of mobile phones and laptops.

LED with LEAD and Mercury free package makes the most environmental friendly television ever made. With Energy Star badge, this television assures to save power up to 40% less comparing to LCD Television of this time. The cost sounds quit higher but comparatively, saves the power. Like the pledge of other companies, Samsung too announces "Go Green" pledge for this television. The pledge best suits this product. Visit Wikipedia and Google it for more details. Seems this is the new phase of LED usage.

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