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Friday, June 19, 2009

XBOX 360 for Live Gaming experience

XBOX gave a start to Sixth Generation Gaming console and Here comes the XBOX 360, a part of Seventh generation Gaming Console. 360 is usually mentioned for its accountability of various aspects that includes Gaming experience, Graphics, Compatibility, Networking, etc. Like in computers, Gaming also developed based on Generations, while computers have reached only the generation of Five, Gaming Console is at the edge to touch Seventh Generation technology. Although XBOX 360 was realeased in the year of 2005, Its still being sold out in the market and as per microsoft press release, 28 Million units has been sold out worldwide.

There were three different configurations being sold. They are Elite, Pro and Arcade. Each has its own Gaming Advantages. Arcade costs less and whereas Elite configuration sounds double the cost of Arcade. HDMI is the newly arrived technology for High Definition Video Display. HDMI - High Definition Media Interface looks after the HD Display units of the Gaming console. All configuration arrive with Wireless connectivity for the interactive Joysticks. With the help of motion sensors, The moment of Joystick, just thrills the gaming experience. I am expexting to play Halo 2 with the XBOX console soon.

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  1. I am quite unfamiliar with all this technology because I only like this games. I am wondered that how these consoles are evolved.


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