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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Voice Authorization - Just Another Technology Misuse!

Voice Authorization is the newly arrived technique that enables the EndUser or Customer to communicate with the Bank and Access various services, just by Voice. This is one of the easiest method than accessing services through Internet or SMS. Also this is one the easiest way to make the Customer believe about attractive but Fraudious offers and Make money from them. This works on the Basis of Voice Authorization. The conservation between the EndUser and the Bank is always recorded for record.

Then comes the Audio Editing softwares such as "Sony Sound Forge", "Adobe SoundBooth". These softwares are capable of editing Audio and mix sound effects or even include speech of a person. These softwares were also used in film to dubbing other languages into the actual film.

This is the actual software involved in this Illegal Activity. Let me tell you how it works. The BPO employee initiates the call to the Bank Customer and introduces some attractive offers for free but which are actually not provided for free of cost. The Customer accepts the offer, as this offer available for free of cost. The Voice of the customer is fed to the computer and edited using Sound Editing software, like the one above. With its special features the voice of the customer is mixed into the actual call which consists of information provoded by the employee including the cost for the service. The Banks provides unlimited access to various outsourcing companies that misuses the technology, knowingly and unknowingly to the Bank.

This has become the most popular Business in India and Especially in major south indian cities. This illegal activity is nothing but likely to a robbery. This is it. Be carefull if you receive a call from Banks providing offers like free Credit Cards, Free insurance, and other services. So even a positive reply to the voice call will pay money for their lies without the knowledge of the Customer. So its best to say "NO" to those offers or services of the Banks to save our Life saving money.


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