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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paro, a Mind Optimizer !

Paro is a Baby Seal and a product designed by Takanori Shibata of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan. Well Baby Seal cannot be a Product, But its a Mind Healing Robot stuff. Every Baby is a Mind Optimizer for their parents and Grandparents. And Hope you all get the meaning of Title. So this is the theme, A cute little Baby Seal that heals psychological diseases.

The Most usual thing that we used to find with elder people was Dementia and Autism in Children. Dementia is a Cognitive Disorder that makes distress in understanding things and Autism is the Disorder of Neural Development. The recent research reveals that this Therapeutic Robot diminish Dementia and Autism. Paro is replica of Harp Seals commonly found in Northern part of Canada. This picture is below.

It look cute rite..! Paro can attract almost anyone of its surroundings. Paro is a Robot that shows emotions such as happiness, surprise and snger by swinging its tail and blinking its eyes in response with the Touch Sensing attributed through Tactile sensors. Paro also makes the sounds similar to cute little baby seals. One step beyond the above senses, It responds to sound and learn the name as conveyed by its Owner. Paro behaves very similar to Seals and even sleeps at night and active in the morning.

Technically, This robot is automated through Two - 32Bit RISC Microprocessor, can also be called as ARM Processor. After profound practical experiments conducted both in Japan and United States, It was finally revealed that Paro implants positive energy in elder people psychologically. Paro was also classified to various versions depending on the Handler of the Robot either elder group of people or group of children.

This Baby Seal Robot is being used in Hospitals, Counseling centers, Official Buildings to create center of attraction and Optimize human brains if under stress. Hope this is a Cute Pet for Elders and Children. In the world, no-time for love for Elders and Children being left alone, this is Great Mind Refresher. Write me comments on Paro.

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