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Friday, December 25, 2009

Learn with Migration, I mean it !

I was hired by my friend, to help him migrate from his Windows Notebook to Mac-book Pro. The migration is not so easy i believed. Also this is my first job with a MAC-Book. I have a good sense in stuff that can help this migration. MAC OS X is Unix based operating system and many would easily believe that its not user-friendly. But MAC OS is user-friendly, more than Windows OS could do. It was also said that MAC OS has some strong UNIX foundation, so that virus and vulnerability for hacking are minimized. Usually i wouldn't agree with these statements given by any company but the price it costs to buy MACBook and my work with MAC OS, made me think that, it could be possible. The migration might need set of softwares and Hands-On work with Mac-book to make the migration complete.

Mac-book Pro has a specially designed hardware which supports MAC OS X alone. Though it sounds wired, MAC OS X has a solution too. Apple MAC allows us to install and work with Windows Operating systems that includes Windows 7 on new specs. The MACBook Pro runs on 64-Bit processor and The problems i faced in searching for softwares that can run on 64-Bit processor. I am sure the Mac-book Pro also assist in running software on 32-Bit mode. BootCamp, MACFuse, Email Conversion Softwares, etc are my tools. It took a week for me to complete the migration from Email Conversion to Windows OS Installation. Let me know if you need me to assist in this migration.

"Apple for life, keeps hackers away", Just for fun...


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