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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New HD Media Player for TV...

Recently I was visited an Exhibition held in Singapore. There they got lot of New Gadgets and Let me Introduce a new Hardware that works as a Media player to the Television we have. The Hardware was produced my Western Digital Company.
The Hardware was Named as HD TV Media Player. HD means the Hard Disk, yes it works like an External Hard Disk of your computer and also which allows you to Record Videos from Television Directly without using a special devices like in computers. This Hardware is connected with Television using a Special cable called HDMI Cable. High Definition Multimedia Interface is the expansion for HDMI. Using this setup one can record Videos from TV Directly to you the Hard Disk. Also it has USB support which allows the End-User to Copy the Movie file into the PC or else Movie from PC. The Movie from PC can be copied to the HD TV Media Player and can br played back on Television like commercial DVD players.
The Price Varies depending on the Capacity of the Hard-Disk. The Price of WD HD TV Media Player with 160GB hard-disk is 200SGD. Visit the Company website to get more details about this Media Player. Happy to Share this News with you Friends..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Magic to Make Water...!

This isn't a robot or Football, Just a Prototype the makes water for you. As per the Environmentalists, Water would be the next resource that we need to buy like other Products in the Market. A Canada based company named "Element Four" has designed this prototype that Converters Atmospheric air to Water. The Specification of this device were said to give out 12litres of Drinking water per day with 300Watt generator. The cost of production of 1Litre of water takes 3 to 4 US Cents. Coming to Technical Part, it consists of Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensors which can analyze the Atmospheric condition and fed the information to the Micro-controller. The Controller suits itself to the atmosphere and works with Greater efficiency. It was also said that the Consumption of Bottled water has been increased nowadays and these devices would save human life's. I feel happy to share this news with all of you...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Solar Jacket for Gadget Users...!

Hi Friends,
A Solar powered Rechargeable jacket titled "Solar-JKT" was introduced by the Company "Zegna Sports". The Jacket provides charging facilities to Gadgets like iPOD's, Mobile Phones, etc. It was said that 5hours direct sunlight exposure will charge the Internal Battery to Full level. It was also estimated that One Hour direct Sunlight exposure can charge the Mobile Phone upto 35Minutes of TalkTime. The Collar seems to be little disturbing while we need to site, so that the collar can be detached from the Battery in the Jacket. The Jacket was priced to be around $1350. Also Special batteries are available, so that the Jacket can power GPS Devices, Digital Cameras, etc. If we need to Save power, we really need to Pay for it..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smart Phones likely to take DigiCam Configurations..!

Hi Friends,
Its was time that it was hard to take Pictures outdoors and Difficult to carry Cameras from One place to another. Then Cam the Handy Cameras with Films. After CMOS technology has been introduced Handy Cameras has become to Pocket cameras with a size that fits the Hand. Simultaneously Cameras phones also came to Market with low quality Cameras like VGA, etc. The Smart Phones plays the role nowadays. The Configuration of Camera in an actual smart phone is around 5MegaPixels. The Advancement in CMOS technology brought DigiCams with size lesser than that of Pocket Cameras with upto 10 to 20 MegaPixels. Adding to that Smart Phones with 8MegaPixels has been introduced now. The Name of the Smart Phone is "Samsung i8510 INNOV8". The configuration of this Smart Phone resembles Iphone but 8MegaPixels really sounds good. It also got some interesting features.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hope this is a Solution for the PC under Attack ! ! !

Hi Friends,
I severely warn those who spread the Virus. Nowadays Trojan Downloader, may Trojan Clients has been developed and spread through Thumb Drive. Believe me i have a Great Solution for it. If you do what i say, your computer will live long. Here's the solution: ComboFix and Avira Free Edition. ComboFix is a Freeware but Some antivirus says that it was a Malware, but anyway it never let you down. Its an one time executable program, that takes around 5-10mins to scan your Drive and Delete all the Root Virus Files in Windows Folder. But Viruses at each folder will present which will be inactive that can be cleared using Avira Free Edition. While i was trying it for Heavily infected Computers, the Windows OS may not boot well once the Virus has been cleared, so that then can Recover OS using Windows Bootable Disc. This is the only Demerit of this ComboFix. Really ComboFix all the root files that have been affected. This even works for All Laptops and Desktops. Make Comments, once you try these Softwares.

Click to Download COmbofix
Avira Free edition can be downloaded from Download.com

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New way to Browse Google and Get Rapidshare Downloads...

Hi Friends,
Although Rapidshare maintains a separate domain to download rapidshare files for Free, surfing through Google gets a lot of files in it. This new way to Browse Rapidshare files. Just type the file you need and type the keyword "site:rapidshare.com". Instead of the rapidshare name, the Browsers can include a file hosting website name to Download the Files you need. If dont wish to have the waiting time, visit this Story to know about a software that helps you download from Rapidshare Serve without waiting. Write Comments to Improve my Postings...

Hackers Dictionary is Here...!!!

Hi Friends,
It has been a wrong vision made upon Hacking. The real meaning of Hacking is to try something different that others doesn't know. With that, i wish to give a download link, which will let you download Hackers Dictionary, that helps you customize Various OS such as Linux, Windows, MAC. Try for it and give some comments about the Dictionary

Click to Download

New to World...!!!

Hi Friends,
Here comes the New robotic toy, but so intelligent as human. This toy is names as Nabaztag Its not only a toy but it has a capability to browse through the internet and can get weather reports, RSS feeds, Can play play music from online podcast or even from radio. This is a Wi-Fi enabled device, that connects itself to internet in Home network. It can read out information in 36 Languages in the Internet. Then it can understand the different voice commands in five different languages. It looks like a cute Rabbit model and costs around $200. Really a Hi-Fi with Wi-Fi robot rite?

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Desktop similar to a Server...!!!

Hi Friends,
I wish to compare My Desktop and Server in one Situation, that my Desktop PC sounds much like a server in an Infrastructure. I tried lot of conditions to reduce the noise of the processor Fan, but i failed because if i rush to stop the Processor Fan, the Processor will go off due to High Temperature. Then while i was googling around, i found a software that considerably controls the noise of the Processor fan through some special predefined monitoring and control functions tested on Standard Computers. It sounds good for me, i didnt mean about the actual noise here, but its performance. The Software title is: "SpeedFan". This software is a Freeware, distributed by ALMICO. This is the Good choice for a Desktop that has the Sound of Group of Servers.

I really need to Buy a Good Computer Hardware...!!!

Hi Friends,
I got a new website, that helps you buy Computer Harwares from its Variety Choices. We are accessible to view the Configurations and compare it with lot a hardware available in the market. Also this Community launches Magazines about latest hardwares and their reviews from buyers. Really those who have the thirst to know about advanced hardwares, i believe that this Community "HardwareZone" makes it right. This community website includes Storage Devices, Motherboards, Mobile Phones, Networking Devices, etc.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

an euphonious keeps you smart

Why does the neighborhood buck?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I own Sony Ericsson W850i...

I own Sony Ericsson W850i, which is one of the Advanced Walkman Series mobile with 3G technology from Sony Ericsson. On using Gmaps Application with this phone guides me with the exact location i need to go. It has got RSS reader, Picture blogging and so much of things, that an young professional could have. Sliding phone but weighs little high than ordinary phones.

Then it has lot of Connectivity options like IR, Bluetooth, USB2.0 Support, Mobile Networking, etc. The new option that i found in this phone is "Track IDM". With this support one can record the sound tracks from FM Radio and search for the exact clip to download and review the song, So it lets you keep informed about new music arrivals. It has got 2Mega Pixel Camera but no autofocus available. The colour suits my wish and i like this phone.

For Downloading Games, themes, Videos and Applications visit: Zedge.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alert to those who Stick to Earphones..!!!

Hi Friends,
Earphone owners especially those who stick to it for more than an hour for at least five years with volumes over 89decibels. This news was reported by European Union (EU) Scientists. This Survey includes an Statement about Europeans between 2.5 million and 10 million would suffer from Hearing loss for listening to MP3 Players at High volumes. Adding to that EU spokeswoman Helen Kearns spoke that the regulators should look after to this and in coming years it should reduce the Decibel level to 100 for MP3 Players. Popular MP3 player producers like Ipod has already started to give a warning statement on the level of Decibels, to the user uses Ipod. Now its all in our hand.

The real Spy is Here..!

Hi Friends,
This isn't the ancient spy, but a Real operative spy. This is actually a Spybot nothing but a Robot that has the capability to Spy on the enemies with enhanced equipments with it. The name of this Spybot is "Rovio" designed by WowWee based in Hong Kong. As in the picture, this Robot has Three wheels built in with Webcam, Speakers and Microphone. This Rovio can be operated with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity of your home and can be operated with the help of a WebBrowser from any place in this world.
This Spybot not only controllable one, but also consists of Pre-Programmed Patrol feature to Patrol in and around your home with live streaming to your location. What do you think of this "Rovio"? Is it a Spybot or More than that?

Have you ever Heard of 400GB Optical Disc...?!

Hi Friends,
Here comes the new era in Optical Disk. An Optical Disk with 400GB Space is the news. This is made possible by using the Multi Layer Recordable technology and It was developed by Pioneer Corporation located in Tokyo. With Layer capacity to 25GB, 16-Layers make 400GB space to this Disk. It was believed that Multilayer Optical Disks will face difficulties in Reading Data from each layer that too it looses its stability. This difficulty is mainly due to Cross Talk from adjacent layers and Transmission Losses. With the help of Optical Disk Production Technology developed by DVD's, Pioneer has pulled out the above stated problem.

The above picture shows the 400GB 16-Layer Optical Disk on the Release day. With lot a research carried out on this Optical Disk, it was found that Pioneer has attained stability in the Playback of Recorded Signals by using Wide-range spherical aberration compensator. If you need more information about this, you just google it, It shows a lot.

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