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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thieves will Step Back from My Laptop... U believe that!?

I was thinking about how come i feel, if i lose my Laptop. So i went on Googling. I found a software program at last. The Program is some sort of ordinary application, But Capable of Capturing Picture from Laptop WebCam, Map the IP address and Location and Upload the Whole data to its server, whenever the Laptop is switched ON and Connected to Internet. Actually i didnt believe these things initially, but This was an Academic Research Project of University of Washington.

Let me tell you the Name of this System. Its Adeona . This is an Open Source System free for all Laptop users. This Project consists of a Server, that records all the Incoming data from Laptops that use Adeona Application. This Application is not only used for Laptops but also PDA's, Smart Phones. Once the Application is installed into the Laptop, it will start tracing all the information and Upload it to the server, even whn the Laptop owner has it.

But If it is stolen once, then the User can see all the Informations in the Adeona Server with some Login informations. Hope this idea is Great. Also i was a Member of Adeona Group in GoogleGroups. It was said that this Application works good with MAC Laptops but in case of Windows OS driven Laptops shows some failures in working and Uploading informations to the Server. I strongly believe that this Research project will gave give a Good outcome and Let us all wish for it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Website Analysis Tool

Google has introduced a Webmaster tool, specifically for Analyzing Your website Crawl informations, that includes Graphical Analysis, Geological Location, Time and Length of Visit, Visitor Information, Their IP addresses, Entry and Exit pages, lots more... Once you register your website details with Google Analytics, it provides some code to be included in our Website code. So at each time when the Website loads in certain location, This code os capable of gathering information from the User and Reports to the Google Analytics page time by time. Also these analysis helps us to promot the Blog or Website, through location. You can go to that page just by Clicking on the Above picture. I still have more thing to explain about Google Analytics.

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