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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Electricity comes Wireless !?

Here comes most surprise-full technology ever invented, Power through air medium i.e, through RF waves. This is very similar to wired electricity service. Then main difference is that the Gain or Amplitude of the signal of the Wired and Wireless medium of power transmission(Technically Speaking). With account of this year's Consumer electronics shows, almost every gadget is made with wireless charging.

My prediction is that the Gain on the transmitted signal will be high in its neighbour points. While a device placed near such transmission point, signal similar to AC power obtained from wired service is obtained and treated with Bridge circuits to get a pure DC volt. This DC signal is used for Charging the Gadget or Mobile phone batteries. Also Li-ion batteries comes with quick and effective charge sustainability. This makes the Wireless charging possible with the Gadgets. Commercially this product is like a pad, on which the Gadget can be placed to get it charged.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Black - Color to Save power !

White is bright as we can see but as per Computer Monitors this isn't true, it makes the Earth Dark. In Computers, Whitish Screen consumes more power but Black color saves power as per some research. So, Heap Media from Australia introduces a Google Search with Black Screen with Name "Blackle" that is believed to save power significantly than normal Google Search. Its hard to believe how this is going to work but Google is one of the Famous Search Engine used by almost everyone in the world on Internet. So, Based on this if those users try to use this Blackle Search from now, we can save power considerably. Visit the search site to get more informations.

Google Trends for Learning new Trends !

I fond of Google Search and this is the New product of Google. Google Trends - Let you learn new trends from the top most search queries. Believe it or not this product is really helpful for Internet based Jobs and Specifically Blogging Business. Also it let you search your query and shows how far the same query search has been done before. This query is graphically shown with "Search Volume Index against PDT(Pacific Daylight Time)", So Google Search usage for specific query could be understood from this.

The Above image shows the query page of my search on "Rapid share". Also this query page includes specification on Region, City and Language wise visits. Unlike Google Search, Google Trends let you know the Search Volume Index ie., Strength of your search in Google. Try to have your query in Google Trends. Have a Great Day..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Solar Cells for Life !

Its a Fact that Maximized Production will lead to lesser cost of the products. This happens same with the Solar Cells too. Few years back the Production was less and The Cost of Solar Cell was High. Even i have thought about Solar Cell is just for power supply and I cant afford much of cost on Solar Cell for my Low Cost Hobby Projects. This is not the case now.

I can assure, it is 10% lesser cost now than it was a Year Back. Flexible Solar Cell is the new trend in Solar Cell research. Flexible Cells were fabricated as a Trial near Melbourne. As per CSIRO report, they expect 100Kilometres of Solar Sheet to be printed every day. As Flexible as its structure, It is too flexible to adopt any Place like - Roof Top, Window Covers, Can replace Glasses in Sky crapers, Can be mounted over Vehicle's Skin, and places where ever we need power. Really dont know how far is this going to lead. If it assures less consumption of Electricity produced from Non-Renewable Resources, we can look for a Good Green Revolution.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I can Help you trace an Email Spammer...!

Nowadays, I find a Great Joy of finding Email Spammers. Few days back, my Friend had to come across a Spammer who is capable of creating an email id with any domain. For Example - "username@microsoft.com". As my Friend requested i tried to trace his IP and Location. I went on Googleing. At last i found a two Great Web pages that can help to retrieve IP address of the sender and even his domain.
Using IPLIGENCE you can trace the IP address of the sender and the Server location. Then using DNSCHART, you can trace the Domain of the Server. If the Domain Name of server is Well Known like Google.com, Microsoft.com, Etc, Its a non other than a Good mail or Spam Free mail, But if the Domain of the server is Different from the Domain of the email, then Its a Spam mail. See My Video Tutorial about how to Trace IP Address using IPLIGENCE in Gmail Account. Then after getting the IP address, you can use Free Tools of IPLIGENCE to get the Geo-Location of the Domain Server.

Then coming to DNSCHART, you can copy the IP address of the Server from which the Email has been sent, and paste it into the WHOIS IP text box and Submit the request. Now the entire Details of the Server will be shown, as requested. From the Details, Using Domain name, we can find whether an Email is Spam or not. If the email is found to be Spam, Its Good to report the Server Admin, whose Email ID will be one among the Details that his server has been Misused.

One easy way to find Spammer is to replying him with a Blank Email. If the Email Bounces back to you, Its a Spam Mail, and If not, its a Spam Free email. But be sure in Clicking links directly from Email.

If you see a link in an Email, Move the mouse pointer to the link, in Most of the Browsers, while passing mouse pointer over the link, shows the Exact link in the Status bar of the Browser. So if the link is as same as in the Actualy Link text, its authorized to go through that link.

Hope you can get my Point. Comment me if you have any Doubts or Mail me at hackist7@gmail.com. Thank you...

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