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Friday, June 19, 2009

DDR3 RAM - A Power Saver

RAM is the most important part of a CPU, The overall CPU progress and performance depends on the Space of the RAM. DDR(Double Data Rate) RAM belongs to SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) family. DDR handles process with double the data rate than the previous Single Data Rate of SDRAM. DDR3 is the newly arrived RAM after DDR2. On comparison DDR3 RAM consumes power lesser than 30% of the power consumed by DDR2. DDR3 with Laptops shows very high performance and Good Battery life.

Technical speaking, it was stated that this RAM is manufatured with "Dual-Gate" transistors to prevent leakage of current and 90 Nanometer Fabrication technology, this RAM is capable to operate at 1.5V, while DDR2 RAM operates at 1.8V. This reduction in Supply voltage considerably saves the power. If you wannae buy Laptops, ask for DDR3 RAM fitted laptops. Also DDR3 RAM cannot be replaced in the place of DDR2, so its better to choose DDR3 fitted Laptops now for New Laptops.

XBOX 360 for Live Gaming experience

XBOX gave a start to Sixth Generation Gaming console and Here comes the XBOX 360, a part of Seventh generation Gaming Console. 360 is usually mentioned for its accountability of various aspects that includes Gaming experience, Graphics, Compatibility, Networking, etc. Like in computers, Gaming also developed based on Generations, while computers have reached only the generation of Five, Gaming Console is at the edge to touch Seventh Generation technology. Although XBOX 360 was realeased in the year of 2005, Its still being sold out in the market and as per microsoft press release, 28 Million units has been sold out worldwide.

There were three different configurations being sold. They are Elite, Pro and Arcade. Each has its own Gaming Advantages. Arcade costs less and whereas Elite configuration sounds double the cost of Arcade. HDMI is the newly arrived technology for High Definition Video Display. HDMI - High Definition Media Interface looks after the HD Display units of the Gaming console. All configuration arrive with Wireless connectivity for the interactive Joysticks. With the help of motion sensors, The moment of Joystick, just thrills the gaming experience. I am expexting to play Halo 2 with the XBOX console soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Macro Cam to Micro Cam

Cameras usually, we wish to have it handy but the Micro Cam introduced now car be held within a Finger. Yes, a chip Sized camera has been introduced by CalTech's Jet Propulsion Lab. CalTech is famously known as California Institute of Technology. This Camera is now being used in Military Applications and This could take time to come as a commercial product. This Camera was designed to be fitted with Insect Sized Aircrafts used in US Military.

These insects were used as Surveillance Drones in Military. As per the inventors this Camera can be Controlled over Radio with Secured Frequency Hopping transfer. This Gadget comes along with the Transmitter Circuit that can cover the range of 1Km. Its one of the most low power consuming circuits that enables the Good Flight time of the Insect. This project was funded by Nasa and US Military for their New project applications.

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