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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I own Nokia 5800 Xpress Music !

Here's my New Gadget that's a Smart Phone with Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 8Giga's of Music, Bluetooth, 3G, Accelerometer and more fun inside... I bought this Smart Phone with a great deal from COMEX 2009. To Get start with this Phone, Let me start with the feature i like the most in it. Nokia Maps with A-GPS (Assisted GPS) is the feature i like the most in this phone. This is the first GPS device i handle. I helps lot in my travel. I can choose the destination and Nokia Maps shows me the shortest path from the place i stand. Map downloading from Nokia Site consumes more bytes thorugh GSM Network. But with the Wi-Fi feature, I downloaded the Maps from My Home Internet and I can move out without consuming my GPRS Bytes.

Coming to other features, It runs with Symbian OS S60. This is the First Touch Screen of Nokia equipped with S60 OS, Code Named - "Tube". Camera is the important feature of Hand Phone nowadays. This Phone is equipped with Two Camera's one at the Front for Video Calls and Other at the Back Side for making Digital Photo. Unlike other phones, any of the two cameras can be switched for both Picture Capture and Video Calls.
FaceBook and Youtube are the othe flash enabled apps that helps to post and View links and Videos within the phone. The Flash plugin for the Mobile Browser supports HD Video and Full Screen view as in our PC's. Then coming to screen orientation, the 3.2 inch 16:9 wide-screen shifts itself to the position of the phone. To be short, It Adjusts itself to our convenient position. Like motion gaming in Sony Ericsson phones, This Smart Phone has the same gaming features and Games.

Direction maping, Latitude, Longitude parameter are the other features of this phone.
To explain this phone in Short Descrition -
"We will never be lost with this phone".
Am i rite?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Real BattleField for Gamers !


I was looking for a “First Person Shooter” Game and at last i found a Brand Game from EA Games and I tried those games in my new Notebook. BattleField is the Award winning Game developed be EA Digital Illusions CE and Published by EA Games. From 2002 there were 6 Versions has been released till this year. BattleField 1942, BattleField Vietnam, BattleField 2, BattleField 2: Modern Combat, BattleField 2142, BattleField: Bad Company and BattleField Heroes. The older versions were is designed for Windows based PC’s and MAC OS. But nowadays new versions are available for XBOX 360, Play Station 3 game consoles.

I tried all the PC version of these games except BattleField : Bad Company and BattleField : Heroes and Hoping to try them soon in my new Workstation. In the above games listed, BattleField 2 and BattleField 2142 are the games in own them more than other. The Game map is classified as 16 Player and 32 Player map. In the game except me all other players are simulated by computer. The Weapons and Army Shooting vehicles were really mind blowing and version or grade of Weapons were coming better in new versions.


Its i make my guarantee, that the game brings BattleField Environment in front of our eyes and Let us become on of the fighting army as Commander, Engineer, Assistant, etc. Also they let us choose team for TeamPlay and each move of the Player is monitored and Score are awarded accordingly. The Startup video of the game with Music in it, was just like a game built by an Army Men. I will never ever uninstall this game from my Workstation. I am waiting for the next BattleField…!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Good pick for a Good Business !


If you are looking for Good Web Hosting Servers, first we need to compare various of such servers and finally, it will arrive in confusion. I hope a better comparison could let us out of such confusion. The Major features of Web Hosting servers that we need to consider are Price, Bandwidth and Other Hosting services like email server, SQL server, etc. One such submit, that can help us to find best web hosting server is FindMyHosting.com.

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Also this website, Guide us in choosing a Good Hosting Server based on the Individual or Industrial needs. FindMyHosting.com serves for both, for those who are fresh to find Hosting and for the those who need to make Corporate Website. Apart from price of each Hosting Service, The Features of each Hosting Service is displayed in Homepage. The Ranking for each top level servers are mentioned in the Homepage of the FindMyHosting.com. To be in short, it’s a Dedicated Webpage to make reviews on best web hosting Servers.

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