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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day with BlackBerry Storm 2 (BlackBerry 9550) !

Of course, I had a situation to troubleshoot a problem with BlackBerry Storm 2. I was hired by my friend, to look after few problems in his new phone. The same job as before to migrate from his old phone to his New BlackBerry Device. I just took his BB for a day and tested its features at the most. I learnt from Wikipedia, that BlackBerry name is derived from a fruit, as the BlackBerry QWERTY Keyboard looks like tiny seed of Strawberry fruit and as it mostly resembles Blackberry fruit. The real sign and style of BlackBerry is its QWERTY Keyboard and its CandyBar Layout. I really couldn't believe first, its a BlackBerry until i recognize the Logo at the top portion.

The phone seems to have good weight and equally quantitative in its features. Stylish design with Good form factor but looks bulk than iPhone. The thing i enjoyed with iPhone is its soft touch experience and even in BB Storm 2 i like touch experience that comes with the different technology called "SurePress".
The Device has multiple switches (i mean keys) behind the display and surprisingly it works only when the device is turned on. So Let me introduce this technology, you have to choose the spot on the screen, then we need to make second press on the same spot to get you desired app ON, Like in digital cameras, like how we wait for the camera to make Auto focus for the first press and capture for second press. I really to feared i would break the display, but its just a short press.

4-Keys below screen, Valid shortcuts for front screen, Multi-Touch makes it very comfortable to use. All other features resembles other BlackBerry Devices. The screen resolution 480x360 shows Mobile HD vision to its high capability. Music Play back is very good. Considering memory, On-board memory holds 256MB for Application and 2GB for Data memory and externally can hold upto 16GB and unofficially said that i can hold upto 32GB. This BB Device supports MP4 codec and WMV, I really enjoyed watching movie with this phone. Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth shows its highest capability.

3.2Mega Pixel camera with its CMOS sensor shows good quality on the picture. But with its Digital Zoom, while in Zoom, it looses its clarity.

A-GPS, with BlackBerry Maps and navigator let me find my destination through shortest destination. BlackBerry Maps handles on navigation to few cities and comes Google Maps to the rescue. I with BB Device simultaneously worked with my Nokia E71 and 5800 Xpress Music. BB Storm 2 and My E71 have comparably good Wi-Fi connectivity than 5800 Xpress Music.

BlackBerry device as its business compatibility covers a wide range frequency that includes GSM, UMTS, CDMA connections. Quad Band GSM with GPRS & EDGE, Single Band UMTS with HSPA and Dual Band CDMA with EV-DO technologies makes this BlackBerry device business operative.

The things that lag in this phone are:
  • No Front Camera, So think of Video Call !?
  • No Popular app has been released for its compatibility (Fring especially)
  • Bulk design
In India BSNL is the only subscriber to provide 3G facility for now, even they don't provide BlackBerry service for this phone. So BlackBerry Storm 2 (BB 9550) users in India has to wait to enjoy the whole new features of this BlackBerry Device. Let us wait for Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, Uninor, etc subscribers to open their 3G service. Also CDMA service providers Tata Indicom and Reliance already support BlackBerry services, made their word that they didn't have their support compatibility for this BB Storm 2 Device. So, CDMA part of this device is partly useless in Indian Version BB Device. May be it might help out during International Roaming.

Hope this is all the features i know and came to know about BB Storm 2, Write me comments if needed any assistance in Cracking CrackBerry, sorry BlackBerry.

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  1. i want to know if this device is compatible with reliance GSM blackberry service


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