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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sun Direct HD for this Summer !

Though its IPL season in India, I believe non can forget that this is Hot Summer Season. So, What's the cool gadget for this summer, I have got is "Sun Direct HD Service". Being an Electronics professional, I would like to give a short intro on HD TV Experience. Traditional TV service follows Analog transmission and reception and HD TV Service uses Digital transmission and reception. This can't be the only thing that makes both differ. The actual thing is the HD(High Definition) video and audio experience. HD transmission follows digital

So, Sun Direct DTH is the first to introduce HD Service in india. HD Video equals 1920 x 1080 Pixels of image and display aspect ratio of 16:9. HD Audio equals 5.1 surround sound. May be these things arrives with the Sun Direct HD kit but for sure, it needs HD TV to have the real picture experience.

Not specific TV brands like Samsung, LG but any HD TV with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) option and Also have large screen. Even 29' Inch monitor has HDMI, but its worthy to be having Samsung LNB750 Series or LG LH90 Series. HDMI is the new technology that have the capability to transmit HD Video and Audio over single cable. To learn more on HDMI visit Wikipedia.

Coming to the features, for this IPL season, first in Television record whole IPL match is viewable without any advertisements. This comes with the subscription. As per reviews Picture and Sound clarity were good in and around cities but few report signal issues. For the price of 10,000INR its worthy buying.

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