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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why IMAX ?

Watching a new Blockbuster movie in Theater is fine, But Why IMAX? Hope all could recognize, what i mean. Yes, i mean IMAX configured theaters. I was questioned by my friend and when i tend to explain him, i found more interesting facts about IMAX theaters and I am here to share this with my friends. The picture below in the IMAX configured BFI London called
"BFI London IMAX".

Cool place rite! Watching movie is also a pretty cool thing. IMAX is a motion picture film format and a projection standard created by IMAX Corporation. They involve in designing, leasing, marketing, maintenance and operation of IMAX Film and digital theater systems as well as development, production and distribution on IMAX Motion Picture (From Wikipedia).

Even the most expected Cameron's "Avatar" is released in IMAX 3D format. IMAX is comprises of all Audio-Visual systems including Film used in the projection. The traditional Film projection follows only 35mm film but IMAX film format follows 70mm with Xenon Short-Arc lamp (The most reliable light source for a High resolution picture). The IMAX film is specially designed by Kodak with the brand name of PET which comprises of strong "ESTAR" base to produce larger resolution of the picture embedded on it.

So the fact is that, the 70mm IMAX Film format is used to produce a High resolution picture over a large screen, one such screen, the Worlds largest IMAX screen, is LG IMAX Theater at Sydney, New South Wales. Dimensioning 117.2 feet across 96.5 feet. Wow! thats really huge.

Also there were three different roles of IMAX that still exists and being built now.

  • IMAX 3D

IMAX Dome/OMNIMAX is the different theater experience i ever had. Watching movie Hemispheric Dome Screen, I hope you can understand from the above picture. IMAX 3D is for rendering 3D images of the picture and IMAX HD has 48Frames Per Second of film roll.

All above explains Visual experience, Coming to the Audio part, IMAX film does not include Embedded Sound-Track. It uses separate 6-Channel 35mm magnetic film synced to film. This technology is described to bring the Sound Tracks as recorded in Studios. Correspondingly distributing speakers all over the Theater and Behind the screen to make the picture alive. Unlike Dolby Digital decoding method of sound production, the Six channel audio is directly fed to Audio amplifier and to the rendering speakers to make real audio as recorded in studio.

IMAX with the above Audio-Visual technologies makes a real world behind the screen which worth paying for it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day with BlackBerry Storm 2 (BlackBerry 9550) !

Of course, I had a situation to troubleshoot a problem with BlackBerry Storm 2. I was hired by my friend, to look after few problems in his new phone. The same job as before to migrate from his old phone to his New BlackBerry Device. I just took his BB for a day and tested its features at the most. I learnt from Wikipedia, that BlackBerry name is derived from a fruit, as the BlackBerry QWERTY Keyboard looks like tiny seed of Strawberry fruit and as it mostly resembles Blackberry fruit. The real sign and style of BlackBerry is its QWERTY Keyboard and its CandyBar Layout. I really couldn't believe first, its a BlackBerry until i recognize the Logo at the top portion.

The phone seems to have good weight and equally quantitative in its features. Stylish design with Good form factor but looks bulk than iPhone. The thing i enjoyed with iPhone is its soft touch experience and even in BB Storm 2 i like touch experience that comes with the different technology called "SurePress".
The Device has multiple switches (i mean keys) behind the display and surprisingly it works only when the device is turned on. So Let me introduce this technology, you have to choose the spot on the screen, then we need to make second press on the same spot to get you desired app ON, Like in digital cameras, like how we wait for the camera to make Auto focus for the first press and capture for second press. I really to feared i would break the display, but its just a short press.

4-Keys below screen, Valid shortcuts for front screen, Multi-Touch makes it very comfortable to use. All other features resembles other BlackBerry Devices. The screen resolution 480x360 shows Mobile HD vision to its high capability. Music Play back is very good. Considering memory, On-board memory holds 256MB for Application and 2GB for Data memory and externally can hold upto 16GB and unofficially said that i can hold upto 32GB. This BB Device supports MP4 codec and WMV, I really enjoyed watching movie with this phone. Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth shows its highest capability.

3.2Mega Pixel camera with its CMOS sensor shows good quality on the picture. But with its Digital Zoom, while in Zoom, it looses its clarity.

A-GPS, with BlackBerry Maps and navigator let me find my destination through shortest destination. BlackBerry Maps handles on navigation to few cities and comes Google Maps to the rescue. I with BB Device simultaneously worked with my Nokia E71 and 5800 Xpress Music. BB Storm 2 and My E71 have comparably good Wi-Fi connectivity than 5800 Xpress Music.

BlackBerry device as its business compatibility covers a wide range frequency that includes GSM, UMTS, CDMA connections. Quad Band GSM with GPRS & EDGE, Single Band UMTS with HSPA and Dual Band CDMA with EV-DO technologies makes this BlackBerry device business operative.

The things that lag in this phone are:
  • No Front Camera, So think of Video Call !?
  • No Popular app has been released for its compatibility (Fring especially)
  • Bulk design
In India BSNL is the only subscriber to provide 3G facility for now, even they don't provide BlackBerry service for this phone. So BlackBerry Storm 2 (BB 9550) users in India has to wait to enjoy the whole new features of this BlackBerry Device. Let us wait for Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, Uninor, etc subscribers to open their 3G service. Also CDMA service providers Tata Indicom and Reliance already support BlackBerry services, made their word that they didn't have their support compatibility for this BB Storm 2 Device. So, CDMA part of this device is partly useless in Indian Version BB Device. May be it might help out during International Roaming.

Hope this is all the features i know and came to know about BB Storm 2, Write me comments if needed any assistance in Cracking CrackBerry, sorry BlackBerry.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flash Games for free

A site featuring an extensive catalog of free to play online flash games for visitors to enjoy during those few spare moments each day. These Free Online Games let us refresh minds while during tight work. It makes you think and by the way the mind refreshes. I really enjoyed this game, Take up your chance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sun Direct HD for this Summer !

Though its IPL season in India, I believe non can forget that this is Hot Summer Season. So, What's the cool gadget for this summer, I have got is "Sun Direct HD Service". Being an Electronics professional, I would like to give a short intro on HD TV Experience. Traditional TV service follows Analog transmission and reception and HD TV Service uses Digital transmission and reception. This can't be the only thing that makes both differ. The actual thing is the HD(High Definition) video and audio experience. HD transmission follows digital

So, Sun Direct DTH is the first to introduce HD Service in india. HD Video equals 1920 x 1080 Pixels of image and display aspect ratio of 16:9. HD Audio equals 5.1 surround sound. May be these things arrives with the Sun Direct HD kit but for sure, it needs HD TV to have the real picture experience.

Not specific TV brands like Samsung, LG but any HD TV with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) option and Also have large screen. Even 29' Inch monitor has HDMI, but its worthy to be having Samsung LNB750 Series or LG LH90 Series. HDMI is the new technology that have the capability to transmit HD Video and Audio over single cable. To learn more on HDMI visit Wikipedia.

Coming to the features, for this IPL season, first in Television record whole IPL match is viewable without any advertisements. This comes with the subscription. As per reviews Picture and Sound clarity were good in and around cities but few report signal issues. For the price of 10,000INR its worthy buying.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I own Nokia E71 !

So after long time, eDoDe is back with his new gadget. Yep, i got Nokia E71 after a long analysis on its specifications. I still couldn't believe this phone bundles with features and specs listed in Nokia Products page. But Nokia haven't failed me. My Sony Ericsson W850i is fully dead and i was hoping to buy a new phone in the same brand like Xperia or W995. In the mean time, i had a chance to work with BlackBerry Smartphones Bold and Storm 2. while i was searching for specs regarding BlackBerry phones, I got into some similar pages of Nokia and had a chance to look into specs of Nokia E71. Not comparably but similarly Nokia E71 have features of BlackBerry Smartphones. Of course Nokia E71 is a smartphone too. I was too much enjoyed seeing lot of specs for lesser price. So i decided finally and got this Smart-phone. Actually this is my second Nokia Smartphone after Nokia 5800 Xpress music. Nokia 5800 is my first touch screen phone and it has too got bugs initially and then after Nokia Software Upgrade the phone seem to be good.

Speaking about Nokia E71, I felt a Pentium-4 computer in my hand. A heavy process may take time but still i finish the work in my handheld device thats my point. E-Series stand for Enhanced Connectivity. I tried almost all features of this phone from Push Email service to Video Call. I tried Video Call using Fring Messenger through Wi-Fi with my friend in Singapore and he uses Nokia 5800 Xpress music and get connected to me in the similar way i did. We almost spoke for 45minutes with good Audio and Video stream. I felt my battery was hot so i disconnected the call, otherwise the call should have last for another one hour. This is the great feature i was astonished with the phone. Though its a third party software, the hardware has to adopt for its capability rite !?

Regarding specs SmartPhone with 3.5G Mobile connectivity, Candy-Bar Style, Bluetooth with EDR, IR, USB, A-GPS, Wi-Fi. The mobile factory finish is very stylish with its stainless steel. I bought Grey silver with look very shiny and glitters. QWERTY Keyboard is the great feature, I enjoyed with BlackBerry and now with Nokia. Theses are all hardware stuffs and here comes some software stuff. I can find some similarity with my computer Operating systems. I feel Symbian S60 can be comparable to Linux OS especially Ubuntu, on account of its software packages. Easy to fetch and install applications. OVI Store comes as an replacement to "Download" option of traditional Nokia Phones. OVI Store as explained in my previous post, Its like an App Store for Apple products.

Adcanced Call Manager, Multiscanner, BarCode Reader are the softwares, i see and work for the first time. OVI Store has lot of softwares and we can download it for free. I also came to know that Smartphones have Torrent downloader Software, third party developed software. I am searching for the better one.

Regarding appearance, I felt E71 looks very slim and sexy than E63 and E72. When i opened backside cover, I was surprised to see a huge battery with 3.7V and 1500mA output. Battery weighs more than the circuit and I seem to gain weight when its in my hand but It fix easily to my pocket.

Regarding security, the phone have lot of security locks. Lock for Phone, Memory card, Internal and External memory encryption. Remote Lock is my most lovable lock, using that i can lock my phone, just sending a code through SMS to my phone from anyother phone.

Music Player and Video Playback sounds good. Regarding camera, it has lot of options, I mean modes of capturing Picture or Video do have lot of choice. It has been a problem in Nokia phones that memory card can be removed only removing the battery but In my SmartPhone, it has a slot outside. Audio jack is the most annoying thing, since its 2.5mm jack. Difficult to find this Audio jack, in case if i lose it. Also i cannot connect to anyother audio device like audio jack in Xpress Music and SE Walkman Series phones.

So, I thought i could give a start to Business phones, so this is what i bought and suits me well for my blog. I blog and moderate comments using my Nokia SmartPhone. I eventually forgot my Laptop after i start using my phone. I strongly recommend SmartPhone users that too starters, better activate Data Plan of the Subscriber or use internet through Home Wi-Fi. Also i and my friend tried to connect internet to Phone through PC Internet with Ad-Hoc, and IP, Gateway allocation, Still we couldn't find a way for that. But somehow, If i find it, I'l let you know through my blog.

I found some problem of "Certificate Error" while installing old softwares on my SmartPhone and I rectified it by changing the date of phone to one year back, Then i could install software easily. Most softwares wouldn't allow to install if there is any issue on mobile phone compatibility. Also don't try to force the installation, It would result in Memory Card crash. Within a week of time, I tried all the features including VOIP and I really like this phone.

Hope this phone set a new business opportunity for me. Write comments on my review and Let me know if you need help in assisting Nokia E71 Smartphone problems.

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