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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Duo entertainment for me from Apple...!

Apple Inc products are as sweet as apple. Apple product iPhone 4 is fully loaded with entertainment and that arrived at my hand that too two of it. Admiring form factor. I have dropped iPhone 3G and 3GS for more times because of its slippy design, Yeah it just slipped and fell down to the floor. Unless you have a cover, you cannot carry it safe. But if covered, then it looks bulky. iPhone 4's form factor is not much amazing, i could say. But still i feel it very slim and easy to carry it safe. Also the iPhone 4 case that comes with package, its a kind of vibration protector. It looks bit hard but that saves iPhone 4 much.

The above picture shows you the new feature of the iPhone iOS-4, that enables to close or force quit the application, Yeah like in Linux. In iPhone 3G, i would feel that i have never quit the application as soon as i press the iPhone's universal button. But this really sounds good. Initially while i was using the iPhone, i didn't know that i really lose my battery in few hours. Then i came to know about this feature and that really saved the battery life. If you want to quit an application or if you want to see what tasks it runs, just make a double click at the iPhone's Universal button then you will see the screen as in the above picture.

I have seen lot videos on iPhone 4 unpacking in youtube. I wanted to make a video of unpacking as well as dismantling it. But I really don't want peel off this apple product. Just 5 controls left for the user to control the hole iPhone and most of the events, conditions were handled by iPhone's Universal button. Yeah, can say it has touch screen but considering other phones, these 5 controls were bit much effectively functional in this iPhone and looks smart. Hardware configuration is much more than i have expected. Apple integrates its first own and custom designed System-on-Chip package Apple A4 CPU (Specific's Apple designed Apple A4 and Manufactured by Samsung :: Chip can carryout process at 1GHz but its down-clocked to 800MHz) on this iPhone 4 and now they use it for all apple products. That's cool isn't it!

Most of my friends who love iPhone and hate other phone makers and i really ignore them for one reason since Apple designs products that are psychologically attracting people. That's how the Apple still making it way towards the End-Users and that's the way i like it. Has its own Fans. They make it attractive and they make us feel it attractive. Hope anyone would hardly believe this statement. Graphical Processing Unit GPU(Specifics: GPU from PowerVR SGX series) is the most exploring thing in this iPhone. That can help you explore photos or if you find it hard to read, I mean to magnify and explore photos. Use retina eye option. Just drag you finger along the way you want to read, then you will see the path getting Zoomed in.

I have discussed more about App Store and Most of the iPhone features with iPhone 3GS is already with iPhone 4 except face-time. Fring Video Call or Skype Video call that works cool with this phone. Still you cannot use this face-time with the Video Call feature that your subscriber promise. Actually i use NTT DoCoMo's SIM card which i have converted it to MicroSIM, Yeah myself, i've to cut it. Internet seems to be faster for me in NTT DoCoMo and with this iPhone 4, i am really enjoying to be online and getting updates on business, reports. I sometime feel bad about this iPhone 4, same with all iPhones, there isn't any edit before call options at all. Have to afford some other third party app to fix this. I rarely use paid apps but still i don't wish to afford paid app as a fix.

Cheers for iPhone 4 users. I am really waiting to have comments from iPhone users. Have a good day :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Industail PC serves Embedded Systems at its best !

Industrial PC's equip Automation Industries and Defense industries to have its products qualified for it performance, ruggedness and mil-grade production. Industrial PC of this age found its various name as embedded modules, Platforms for Embedded Systems, Boards, etc.

PXI's, CompactPCI's, VME's, Communication boards, Advanced Controllers, VPX, peripherals, HMI's, Displays, Ruggedized PC's, Enclosures, etc are invidually and together called as IPC's. IPC's mostly support prototype development companies along with Automation Industry, Robotic Research, Manufacturing Industry, Defense Industry, Aerospace Industry and Research institutes. Lot of IPC manufactures contribute to industries by having membership provisions to help grow the business. The relationship actually favors industries with their quality products and thus they dually develop good relationship to serve their Customers to have value for their investments.

Microsoft and Linux compatible PXI and CompactPCI have arrived in the market, helps the end users to program their own Input
Only few IPC manufacturers are good at providing post sales Customer support and provide Standard library and support for software development that involves devices. IPC's valued as a good supporter in the field of embedded systems where most of the industries use products. Also IPC's comes with customized products based on user requirements, that is where it stands.

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