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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I own iPhone 4S..! (Part-1)

                It's last November, I bought my first iPhone (iPhone 4S). The words can't phrase the joy of owning an iPhone. iPhone 4S features are enough listed out in Apple Website. Here I wish to list out few like's and dis-like's on my iPhone.

  • 8MP Camera + 1080pi HD Video Record
  • iOS
  • Assistive Touch
  • iCloud
  • Music
  • Siri
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • Battery

  • Dialing
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory
  • iOS
  • Battery
             Expected/Missing dialing features "Editing Dialed Numbers" and "Take note on numbers while on Call", I miss on this iPhone. Bluetooth just for Tethering internet and Headsets, is what I miss from a Bluetooth 4.0 specified phone. Memory is about carrying Pictures/Music/Videos on my phone. I bought 16GB and Its not enough to fill songs/pictures that i like to keep.

            iOS5.0 was installed on my iPhone, when i bought it. But after a month and later I started getting fixes and Now i have iOS5.1.1 which has some Battery and Performance fixes. Frequent update is what i dis-liked from iOS but I still like iOS comparing Android updates. After announcing iOS6 release, it's features are quiet notable and Waiting to have a try on it. I know there is no turning back, once iOS is installed on your i-Device.

          iOS 5.1.1 has Battery fixes and Performance fixes, Sure I fixes the power consumption and gives a Battery life for good time. For me 10Hrs Maximum, I could still find battery power available for use. But with iOS5.0.1, i faced quick consumption on Battery power.


  1. It's a good phone no doubt but can't compare to S3. S3 sales have really picked up recently and last quarter that is what pushed Samsung ahead of Apple for the first time. Apple could not tolerate this and have now filed a lawsuit against S3 also for patent copy!..Anyways, let's see what your iPhone 5 brings!


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