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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I own iPhone 4S..! (Part-1)

                It's last November, I bought my first iPhone (iPhone 4S). The words can't phrase the joy of owning an iPhone. iPhone 4S features are enough listed out in Apple Website. Here I wish to list out few like's and dis-like's on my iPhone.

  • 8MP Camera + 1080pi HD Video Record
  • iOS
  • Assistive Touch
  • iCloud
  • Music
  • Siri
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • Battery

  • Dialing
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory
  • iOS
  • Battery
             Expected/Missing dialing features "Editing Dialed Numbers" and "Take note on numbers while on Call", I miss on this iPhone. Bluetooth just for Tethering internet and Headsets, is what I miss from a Bluetooth 4.0 specified phone. Memory is about carrying Pictures/Music/Videos on my phone. I bought 16GB and Its not enough to fill songs/pictures that i like to keep.

            iOS5.0 was installed on my iPhone, when i bought it. But after a month and later I started getting fixes and Now i have iOS5.1.1 which has some Battery and Performance fixes. Frequent update is what i dis-liked from iOS but I still like iOS comparing Android updates. After announcing iOS6 release, it's features are quiet notable and Waiting to have a try on it. I know there is no turning back, once iOS is installed on your i-Device.

          iOS 5.1.1 has Battery fixes and Performance fixes, Sure I fixes the power consumption and gives a Battery life for good time. For me 10Hrs Maximum, I could still find battery power available for use. But with iOS5.0.1, i faced quick consumption on Battery power.

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