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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Journey into Apple !

Well not into Apple exactly but about Apple Inc,. So after a month long smoke of rumors over Apple products iPad and iPhone 4, i had my chance to work on both the products. I even heard from most of the reviews state that they are stuck with iPad. First I really couldn't understand then after touching it with my hand, i even realized it. For me its an intermediate for PC and Smart-phone. I feel more likely to buy this product but just as a travel companion, i wouldn't prefer. I could better buy a Smart-phone instead.

This is my first blog on Apple products and I prefer more to switch completely to Apple products, rather than getting single product from apple. Apple being the highly valued technology company wants its users to completely switch to apple products. Apple products and its development are unique and piracy protected at the maximum. Though Microsoft products have more number of end users, It covers lot of piracy and security issues.

But Apple products are cost effective and saves user from piracy and security issues are considerable. I feel more convenient in buying useful gadgets but in case of iPad, i like to go with Smart-phones.

Coming to new Smart-Phone from Apple - iPhone 4, My favorite phone. I enjoyed every technical specification of the phone. I was very surprised to find two processing units with the phone CPU and GPU. GPU (Graphics Processing unit) is the new feature that controls the display features of this iPhone. CPU is made of ARM architecture and has multitasking features that are mind blowing.

New type of display technology called Retina Technology, makes the video best viewable on the screen. HD videos and audio playback sounds good as know from its design. Apple is very unique in deciding its Form-Factor, which is very thin and compact to hold and even very attractive. iPhone 4 runs on iOS4.1, which makes it more ease to work. I heard from recent news that Journalists of Wall Street Journal are about to get their BlackBerry replacement to iPhone soon.

Considering the Antenna issue, Not for Apple but i have almost handled good number of smart-phones, i used to see such issue of Gain drop, even if i turn the my Nokia E71 phone to different direction. I am likely to get into Apple zone soon with a starter of Apple iPhone 4. I will soon get back to you with my Hands-on review with my iPhone 4.

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